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Packing Lists and Packing Tips

City Guides

Confused about packing for your trip to Europe? Don’t worry because we’ve put together a few handy-dandy packing guides that take all the guesswork out of fitting your entire life in a backpack or suitcase.

Handpicked Packing Lists

Here they are — our famous packing list. Each packing list contains our must-have travel gear, clothing, electronics and accessories for backpacking through Europe.

Travel Gear Buyer’s Guides

Finding the perfect travel gear can be a little overwhelming so that’s why we created these buyer’s guides. They cover everything from our favorite travel backpacks to the best travel socks and underwear — I bet you never thought you’d get excited about socks and underwear.

Packing Tips and Travel Gear Advice

Not sure how to find a backpack that fits you perfectly? Unsure of how to dress during the winter? Want to look like a local? No worries! We’ve got you covered.

Travel Backpack Reviews

I’ve owned nearly all of the most popular travel backpacks over the years. Below are my reviews.

Travel Product Reviews

I test a lot of travel gear… and we’re adding new gear as often as possible (when we can afford it).

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