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Osprey Farpoint 55 Review

A hands-on review of the Osprey Farpoint 55 travel backpack.

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I’m always on a mission to find the best travel backpacks, and Osprey packs are consistently some of my favorites. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts on the excellent Osprey Farpoint 55 travel backpack.

Quicks Thoughts About The Osprey Farpoint 55

The Farpoint is one of the best travel backpacks I have used — it might even be my favorite. That’s because it has so many great features. Most importantly, this bag has two important features that you don’t find in most travel backpacks: it opens like a suitcase, and it has a suspension system (internal frame, adjustable shoulder straps, padded hip-belt, etc.) that is usually only found on trekking backpacks. That means you get both comfort and convenience. Yeah!

There are also a bunch of other features like a removable daypack, lockable zippers, and a bunch more, but I’ll get to all that good stuff later in the review.

The Osprey Farpoint sells for about $180 just about anywhere online, but I got mine from because they offer free overnight shipping — which is crazy awesome! There is also the Farpoint 40 ($150 from and the Farpoint 70 ($200 via

In-Depth Osprey Farpoint 55 Review

All right, let’s not waste any more time. Below is my full review — both good and bad — of the Osprey Farpoint.


Osprey Farpoint 55 with daypack removed.
Osprey Farpoint 55 with daypack removed.

The Farpoint 55 is actually a 40L backpack + 15L detachable daypack. If you don’t care about having a detachable daypack, you can save $30 by getting the Farpoint 40, which is just the main travel pack (everything else is essentially the same as the Farpoint 55). Conversely, if you need a bigger bag, and you don’t care about staying under the carry-on size limit, the Farpoint 70 (55L backpack + 15L detachable daypack) is a great choice.


The Farpoint 55 comes in a small/medium and a medium/large, which is nice since many travel backpacks only come in one size. I’m 5’6″ and the s/m fit me well.

Size cu. in. liter lbs/oz kg.
S/M 3173 52 3/12 1.70
M/L 3356 55 3/15 1.78
Sometimes you just gotta shove your bag in there to make it fit.

The dimensions of the M/L are:
In: 25 x 13 x 12 (height x width x depth)
Cm: 64 x 34 x 30

Technically, this bag is a little too big to be carried on, but you’ll probably be able to get away with it — assuming you don’t have it stuffed to the gills. Backpacks aren’t rigid structures like suitcases, so there is a lot of give, and most of the time you can shove them into those size templates at the airport. Most airlines are more concerned with the weight.

Suspension System and Comfort


The Osprey Farpoint has a legit suspension system, so the backpack is comfortable to wear — which is great on those long walks to hostels. The shoulder straps have good padding and can be adjusted easily. The back is also padded for extra comfort and lumbar support.

Additionally, the Farpoint has a padded hip belt, which is rare for travel backpacks. A padded hip belt is nice because it takes the load off your shoulders and transfers it to your hips.

Look ma, no straps!
Look ma, no straps!

As an added benefit, the shoulder straps and hip belt can be zipped away behind a flap so you can easily and safely check it on a plane or carry it without fear of getting a strap caught.

Padded Carry Handles


The Farpoint has two padded carry handles — one on the side and one on the top.

I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but having padded carry handles is great when you’re loading/unloading your bag. They’re also nice when you want to carry your bag around without putting it on your back.

Suitcase OpeningIMG_0493

The Osprey Farpoint is a front-loading backpack, so it opens up just like a suitcase. This is ideal because you can quickly get to whatever you need without digging through your bag. Trust me, this is a huge deal. I highly recommend picking up a few packing cubes to help keep everything organized.


As you can see, this backpack can fit a good deal of stuff. But it isn’t a huge bag, so you’ll need to pack smart. Check out our Backpacking Europe Packing List for packing advice. If you don’t feel like packing light, I’d upgrade to the Farpoint 70 ($200 via Alternatively, the Osprey Waypoint 80 (men’s) and the Osprey Wayfarer 70 (women’s) are both larger but more expensive.

Lockable Zippers and Durable Fabric


The heavy duty zippers on the main bag can be locked to help keep the bad guys out of yo stuff.

The fabric is made of heavy duty 420D nylon so it can withstand a good amount of abuse.

Detachable Daypack


The daypack can be zipped onto the back of the main backpack.


The daypack is comfortable, so it’s not just an afterthought like you find on other bags. The daypack can also be clipped to the front of the main bag so you can keep track of important papers/other valuables  — although it does look a little funny.



There aren’t many things wrong with this backpack. The biggest complaint I have is the lack of external pockets on the main backpack. You can keep things in the daypack, but when it’s attached to the main bag, you have to unbuckle a few straps to access the daypack. It isn’t a huge deal, but it can be a slight inconvenience.

Another negative is the small water bottle pouch. I’ve never felt the need to use a water bottle while wearing the backpack, but some people might.


Yeah, the Osprey Farpoint is a great backpack. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, it’s functional… it’s just an excellent travel backpack.

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  • KyleOlsen14

    We’ve come a long way from the packs that had those awful and horridly uncomfortable bars on both ends. Or the packs that dug into our shoulders enough to leave ridges behind that lasted for days during one simple day hike. I appreciate such a thorough review on this pack. I’ll have to find out if they’ll ship internationally.

  • With such great backpacks the call of the road is even more tempting than before. 🙂

  • jamesondizzle

    I have to say I bought this backpack before going on a trip to UK and Ireland. First time traveling solo and wanted to just pack light. Well I was able to pack for a 10 day trip. Filled this bag and carried it all over Europe. Loved it. Also with detaching the day pack I was able to fit this in the overhead on the big plane of British air (lol can’t recall which model) as well as Ryanair and FlyBe. No one ever questioned if it would fit…

    Awesome bag. I love it!

    • Chucho Izquierdo

      did it fit easily in the “sizing” boxes in the airport? I brought mine to South America but never tried to get it in the cabin, seemed too big. I always had it checked.

      • jamesondizzle

        I have never tried sorry. I have heard it’s like an inch or so too big because of the metal frame.
        So far it’s fit on small connector planes from RyanAir & FlyBe. No issues on the new JetBlue planes either that now have smaller overhead bins. Just did that yesterday…

  • Christopher Corapi

    awesome! I just bought this bag and am looking forward to using it!

  • Ivy Kriste

    Looks very handy

  • These are great bags, good for backpackers!

  • I’d like to purchase the Farpoint 55 but worried about using it as a carry on. It is only slightly bigger. Any advice?

    • jamesondizzle

      no problems here! several small plans in Europe (RyanAir and FlyBe) and fit no problem on Southwest & JetBlue in the US…

      • I purchased it and had no problems either! Flew Delta, easy jet, Ryanair, blue panorama!

  • Ryan

    How does this bag hold up in rain and/or snow? Is a rain cover necessary?

  • Andrew

    Having a travel pack that will fit as a carry on is huge for me as well. I live in Canada and most of the airlines have changed their policies on checked luggage, and now charge an additional $25 for any checked luggage.

  • Lydia Knoll

    Is the blue pack in “Caribbean Blue”? Looks different than the online picture but I like the color of your pack.

    • savvybackpacker

      My backpack is black/dark gray.

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