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Best Waterproof Boots For Women

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It’s hard to beat a nice pair of waterproof boots when you’re traveling during the winter or in wet conditions.

But no one wants to travel around Europe wearing an ugly pair of boots — that’s why we’ve put together a list of the best waterproof boots for men that are both comfortable and stylish.

So let’s get started…

Tips For Keeping Your Feet Comfortable

  • Support & Insoles – Make sure your boots have the proper support for your feet. A quality pair of insoles can make boots much more comfortable. We’re big fans of Superfeet insoles.
  • Match Shoes To Destination – This seems like a no-brainer, but you need to match your boots to when and where you’ll be traveling. A pair of lightweight hiking shoes are better for summer travel and heavier duty boots are more appropriate for the cooler months.
  • Break In Your Boots – BREAK IN YOUR BOOTS! Boots often have a longer break-in period than shoes so wear them regularly for at least two weeks or longer before your trip. Your feet will thank you.
  • Get Waterproof — There’s no point in wearing boots if they’re not waterproof (all the boots in this guide are waterproof).
  • Blister Bandages — Pack a few blister bandages in case you develop a blister while traveling.
  • Quality Isn’t Cheap — A nice pair of boots will start around $150 so they’re not cheap. However, a good pair should last you for years. Here is a list of good brands:

Tips For Buying Boots Online

We buy all our boots online because it’s the best way to find exactly what you’re looking for. However, buying boots can be a bit tricky because each brand and model fits differently. You’ll want to try on multiple boots.

That’s why we basically only order from Zappos. Their shipping is crazy fast and they offer simple free returns. And because boot sizing can be tricky, we’ll order two or three different sizes and return the ones that don’t fit.

The Best Stylish Waterproof Boots for Women

Alright. Here’s the list of our favorite waterproof boots that are both comfortable and fashionable. By the way, these aren’t listed in any particular order.

stylish waterproof boots womens
Blondo Villa Waterproof – $150

Blondo Villa Waterproof – $150

These Blondo boots prove that waterproof boots don’t need to be ugly. These boots get high ratings for comfort and they come in six different colors.

Available from Zappos for $150

best waterproof boots womens
SOREL Lea Wedge – $200

SOREL Lea Wedge – $200

The Sorel Lea is a nice waterproof boot for city travel in mild weather that will good with a pair of jeans. These booties come in five colors.

Available from Zappos for $200

winter boots womens
SOREL Out ‘N About™ Leather – $115

SOREL Out ‘N About™ Leather – $115

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty boot for snowy and slushy conditions then you should check out the Sorel Out ‘N About boots. They come in four different colors.

Available from Zappos for $115

ugg waterproof boots
UGG Simmens – $170

UGG Simmens – $170

If you haven’t checked out UGGs then you’re missing out because they make a lot of really nice looking waterproof boots. Up first is the Simmens. Available in four colors, these boots will be perfect for those rainy European days.

Available from Zappos for $170

ugg winter boots
UGG Bonham – $150

UGG Bonham – $150 (water resistant)

The UGG Bonham are other great-looking boots that would work well for Europe. These are not true waterproof so you’ll want to seek out another pair if you want to ensure your feet stay dry in heavy rains. These are available in two colors.

Available from Zappos for $150

Ugg waterproof boots
UGG Kesey – $160

UGG Kesey – $160

The UGG Kesey are the boots I picked for my winter travels and I’ve very pleased with my purchase. The Kesey look great with a pair of jeans and they keep my feet dry.

Available from Zappos for $160

Sorel waterproof boots
SOREL Lolla Ankle – $170

SOREL Lolla Ankle – $170

The Sorel Lolla is another nice option if you’re looking for a waterproof ankle boot. These boots get good reviews for being comfortable and they’re available in four colors.

Available from Zappos for $170

Sperry waterproof boots
Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater – $120

Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater – $120

The Speary Top-Sider Saltwater is a classic duck-book that still looks good in the streets. These are a good option if you think you’ll get a lot of rain or slush. These boots come in five different colors.

Available from Zappos for $120

Blunderstone waterproof boots
Blundstone BL550 – $180

Blundstone BL550 – $180

Blunderstone has a long reputation for making great boots and the BL550 are some of their best-rated boots. These will look good worn casually or they can be dressed up.

Available from Zappos for $180

Timberland waterproof boots womens
Timberland Bramhall 6″ Lace-Up Waterproof Boot – $160

Timberland Bramhall 6″ Lace-Up Waterproof Boot – $160

These Timberland Bramhall waterproof boots are a great option for the streets of Europe. These comfortable boots come in three colors but we’re partial to the brown.

Available from Zappos for $160

Merrell womens waterproof boots
Merrell Sugarbush Waterproof – $225

Merrell Sugarbush Waterproof – $225

Are you looking for a boot that’s a bit more rugged but still looks cool? Check out the Merrell Sugarbush. This stylish boot comes in three color options.

Available from Zappos for $225

Rockport waterproof boots women
Rockport Cobb Hill Carrie – $170

Rockport Cobb Hill Carrie – $170

The Rockport Cobb Hill Carrie boots get a ton of great reviews for comfort and style. They’re available in three colors.

Available from Zappos for $170

Eccon waterproof boots womens
ECCO Elaine Boot – $180

ECCO Elaine Boot – $180

ECCO has been making comfortable boots for a long time and these Elaine boots continue that tradition. It has a chunky sole perfect for uneven European streets and big puddles.

Available on Zappos for $180

Chaco waterproof boots womens
Chaco Barbary – $150

Chaco Barbary – $150

These Chaco Barbary boots are casual waterproof boots that are great for the streets. They come in four colors.

Available from Zappos for $150

Teva waterproof boots womens
Teva Delavina Ankle – $120

Teva Delavina Ankle – $120

Hit the streets with these Teva Delavina ankle boots. These come in three colors.

Available from Zappos for $120

La Canadienne waterproof boots
La Canadienne Camilla — $385

La Canadienne Camilla $385

La Canadienne Camilla boots look great and they get a lot of great reviews. They’re well-made but they’re also pretty expensive.

Available from Zappos for $385

Merrell womens waterproof boots
Merrell Siren Waterproof Mid Leather – $140

Merrell Siren Waterproof Mid Leather – $140

Do you want a super sturdy pair of boots that will also function well off-road hiking? Then you should check out the Merrell Siren waterproof boots. They’re not quite as fashion-forward but they’ll keep your feet dry and comfortable. They come in three color options.

Available from Zappos for $140

Merrell waterproof boots womens
Merrell Eventyr Bluff Waterproof – $170

Merrell Eventyr Bluff Waterproof – $170

These Merrell Eventyr boots are a nice-looking option if you’re looking for a bit more of a rugged look. They come in four color options.

Available from Zappos for $170

Vasque womens waterproof boots
Vasque Sundowner GTX – $220

Vasque Sundowner GTX – $220

The Vasque Sundowner is a serious pair of hiking boots that are designed for serious hiking but they still work well on the streets if you’re going for that rugged old-school look.

Available from Zappos for $220

Danner waterproof boots womens
Danner Mountain Light Cascade – $360

Danner Mountain Light Cascade – $360

These Danner boots have that awesome old-school styling because these are actually old-school boots. Beware that these will require a long and possibly painful break-in period, so don’t get these if can put a few weeks or months worth of wear in them before you travel.

Available from Zappos for $360

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