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Icebreaker Legacy Coat Review

Our review of the Icebreaker Legacy coat. Read why we think its an amazing coat for traveling in Europe.

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Wearing my Legacy coat in front of modern art!

The quest to look good and stay warm is more difficult than it sounds. Let’s face it — walking amongst the fashionable locals of Paris, London and other European cities can make you feel a bit self-conscious when you’re wearing a huge frumpy coat. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for a fashionable coat and I was really excited to discover the Legacy Coat from Icebreaker. In fact, I’ve been a big fan of Icebreaker clothes for a long time, and I’ve been using their merino wool base layers for my cool-weather travels.

I love this coat and I get a lot of compliments on it. It is stylish, sophisticated, constructed incredibly well, warm, and it is heavily wind resistant. The Icebreaker Legacy is an amazing coat for traveling Europe.


The Legacy Coat comes in three different styles (Legacy, Legacy Trench and Legacy Hood) — I opted for the standard Legacy. As you can see, these coats look great and are perfect for travel.

These exterior of the Legacy coat is made of “380 Heavyweight” merino wool, but I’d call this a mid-weight coat. It does a good job at keeping you warm, but I’d recommend wearing a base layer and a sweater if the weather gets really cold. However, the coat does contain a windproof laminate, so it does a great job of blocking the wind. It does a pretty good job of repelling water, but it isn’t waterproof.


The front pockets have extra insulation so it is great for keeping your hands warm. There is also a zippered interior pocket which is handy for storing valuables.

icebreaker-legacy-inside Icebreaker-Legacy-2 Icebreaker-Legacy-4


The Legacy coat by Icebreaker is great. It is my favorite coat, it looks amazing, and it is well-suited for travel. In really cold conditions you’ll want to add a sweater and/or a base layer for extra warmth (I’ve always liked Icebreaker’s base layers). But a coat of this quality doesn’t come cheap… it runs between $260 — $350 on Amazon. There is also the Legacy Trench and the Legacy Hood for about the same price.

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Product Reviews

  • Ryan N.

    Thanks! I’m going to Europe in February so I’ve been looking for a coat. This one looks perfect!

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