Outerboro Performance Clothing Review

I’m always on the hunt for travel clothing, so I was pumped when I discovered Outerboro apparel. Outerboro makes a range of travel pants and shirts using technical fabrics. However, unlike most other clothing made from technical fabrics, these look pretty damn nice. They have a great minimalist urban style that would look great on the streets of Paris, London, or any other fashionable European city. Additionally, both the tops and bottoms are water repellent (which I demonstrate later in my review) so they might just be the perfect travel clothes.


shirts bothshirts I got my hands on two different tops — the Stealth and Vanguard. They both have a nice tailored look. These would look great in any setting you’re bound to find yourself in while traveling — from casual to more dressy. The fabric is very durable and the construction is top notch. The Vanguard model has a bit of stretch, so it’s a great choice if you want to be active. vanguard-outerboro Both shirts feature durable water repellent technology that helps protect against water, oil, and soil. Basically, liquid will just roll right off the shirts and it also helps protect against stains. It’s pretty impressive.

The water just rolls right off!

The water just rolls right off!

Motile Pants

pants P1070048 The Motile pants are great for travel. They are super stretchable and super comfortable. They come in black, grey (what I have), and khaki. They look similar to normal dress pants but they’re made out of synthetic materials that feel almost like exercise pants. It’s pretty interesting, but it works. The stretch means you have full range of motion so you can easily run or ride a bike while wearing these pants. Additionally, the fabric is quick-dry — which is always nice while traveling.

I poured two full glasses of water and the pants are completely dry.

I poured two full glasses of water and the pants are completely dry.

And just like the shirts, the Motile pants are highly resistant to liquid and they help repel stains. I haven’t gotten stuck in a rainstorm while wearing these yet, but I can imagine that they would stay totally dry.


All the Outerboro shirts and pants I’ve worn have been excellent. They look super fashion-forward, so they would fit-in perfectly in any situation, and the technical fabrics stand up well in any condition. Overall, I’m super impressed with the quality and construction. I glad a company has finally seen that technical clothing can look cool. The main downside is the price. The shirts rage from $90-$110 and the pants will set you back $148. However, Outerboro’s garments are well-made so you’re paying for quality. As far as I know you can only buy from from the Outerboro Website.


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