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Scott’s Cheap Flights Review | How To Find Super Cheap Internationl Flights

Why we're still loving Scott's Cheap Flights after three years.

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Let’s face it… finding cheap airline tickets isn’t easy.

That’s why I was extremely interested when I heard about Scott’s Cheap Flights on Reddit. Basically, Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email newsletter that seeks out super cheap flights/mistake fares and emails them to you. And they find some insane deals — they helped me find a $290 nonstop roundtrip flight from NYC to Copenhagen.

I’ve been using the premium version of this service for a while now (there is also a free version), and so far I’m very impressed.

I also hate this service because getting all these cheap flight deals in my inbox gives me a serious case of wanderlust and it’s making me want to book multiple trips a day.

Update (June 2019): We originally wrote this article in September 2016. We’re happy to say that we still love getting our Scott’s Cheap Flight’s email every day and we’ve ended up booking at least six flights because of emails they sent.

There have also been a ton of competitors/imitators that have started popping up but SCF is still out top pick.

Scott’s Cheap Flights Review


So this is how it works…

You sign up for their service. You can choose the free or the premium. The premium costs $15 for 3 months, $25 for 6 months, or $39 for a year.

Then you choose which region you live in so you only get sent deals for airports where you live (it doesn’t make sense to get deals for the East Coast if you live in San Francisco — but you can sign up for all regions if you like).

Then you sit back and get deals sent to your inbox. Scott also tells you where and how to buy the ticket (he doesn’t actually sell them himself).

More Details About Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott's Cheap Flights Review

I’m signed up for the East Coast email list and I average between 1-3 deals each day. Below are a few of the offers I’ve received over the past few days.

As you can see, I’m getting a lot of round trip ticket deals to various cities in Europe for $300-$500. Obviously, these are some great prices.

Scott's Cheap Flights Paris
Scott's Cheap Flights Amsterdam
scott's cheap flight review London

As you can see, these fares are only available anywhere from a few hours to a few days — so you have to act pretty fast if you want to score these deals. Also, this service is best for people who aren’t tied to specific airports, but Europe is small so you can get to any location easily. The deals are also for specific dates so this is best for people who are flexible.

Luckily there are multiple deals sent each week so there are bound to be a few deals that work for your trip.

Also, these deals are for international flights only but I believe that Scott’s Cheap Flights is expanding to more routes.

Paid Vs Free Version

As I mentioned before, I’m using the premium version but there is also a free version.

The free version receives 1/3 the number of deals as the premium version, and the premium version gets the deals 30-60 min earlier.


So yeah, I’m happily surprised. I’m really digging Scott’s Free Flights and I love getting emails just about every day with great deals. I’m signed up for the Premium version and I feel like it’s worth the price based on how much you’ll save in time and money — they claim they save an average of $607 per flight.

It doesn’t hurt to sign up — especially with the free version. Click Here to learn out more and to sign up! 

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