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The Best Hostels In Paris | Our Favorite Paris Hostels

Our top picks for the best Paris hostels based on quality, price, and vibe.


Paris does a lot of things incredibly well—unfortunately, hostels aren’t one of them. Hostels in Paris tend to be fairly expensive and the quality is only average. Basically, don’t expect to see any hostels in Paris with stellar reviews but there are still a few good options. That said, Paris is an amazing place to visit so you won’t be at your hostel much anyways. So, without further ado, here is our list of the best hostels in Paris.

The Average Paris Hostel Price

The average price for a hostel bed is around €35-€70 in the summer and €25-€45 in the winter. You might be able to score a few cheaper hostel beds but the quality does tend to drop considerably when the prices drop.

Check Hostelworld to get exact prices for your dates.

Paris Hostel Facts & Considerations

Paris Latin Quarter | Paris Travel Guide
  • Location and Neighborhood Vibes: Most hostels in Paris are in the northern part of the city and there are a few in the southern neighborhoods. The few hostels in the very center of the city tend to be expensive and of lower quality. Luckily, Paris has a great metro so you’ll be able to move around easily.
  • Book Early or Pay Dearly: Paris is the most-visited city in Europe so hostels are in high demand. I recommend booking as early as possible.
  • Weekend Rates: Paris is a major weekend travel destination so hostels may raise prices on the weekends.
  • Check-In Times and Cleaning Times: Many Paris hostels have late check-in times (around 3 pm-4 pm) and many will close from about noon to 4 pm as they do the cleaning.
  • Check-In Times and Cleaning Times: Many hostels have late check-in times (around 2 pm-4 pm) but nearly all will let you store your bags if you arrive before check-in.

New To Hostels? Check out our Hostels 101 Guide to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect hostel.

The Best Hostels in Paris: Our Top Picks

Best Hostels Paris


  • Overall Quality: We try taking a holistic look at the hostel to see the positives and negatives. Our goal is to find amazing hostels that are still affordable.
  • Location: We try pointing out if the hostel is located in a cool part of town and how close it is to the city’s highlights. 
  • Price: We try to filter out the super-expensive hostels to help find the best price-to-quality ratio.
  • Vibe/Atmosphere: Every hostel has a personality. Some are party hostels and some are quiet. We try to note the atmosphere so you can find a place to stay that matches your travel style.
  • Past Guest Reviews: Every guest has a different experience so we look at the good and the bad. We suggest you take a few minutes to read prior reviews. This is where Hostelworld excels since they only publish the previous six months of user reviews.

We encourage you to check out Hostelworld to do a bit of searching for yourself.

NOTE: All prices listed below are the cheapest option available during the busy season. Prices will often be 20%+ cheaper during the slower seasons.

The People Belleville Paris Hostel

best hostels in Paris

The People Belleville, which was the winner of Hostelworld’s “Hoscars” award, has a cool rooftop terrace with nice views, free WiFi, 24-hour reception, nice bunk beds w/ curtains, and a cool bar. It’s located in Belleville — which is an artsy neighborhood and it’s fairly close to the city center. The only bummer is that breakfast isn’t free. The People Belleville is an upscale boutique hostel and some guests mention that it doesn’t have much of an atmosphere so it’s better suited for people who want a peaceful and comfortable place to stay (i.e. it’s not the best hostel for meeting other travelers).

The People Hostels — Paris Bercy, Paris Marais, & Paris Nation

The People is a new hostel chain that has a handful of locations in Europe—they have four locations in Paris (including the Paris Belleville location above). These are all upscale boutique hostels with modern amenities and nice beds.

Like many boutique hostels, The People hostels aren’t super social hostels so it’s not the place to stay if you’re wanting to meet a lot of fellow travelers. For this reason, it’s best for people wanting a clean and quiet place to sleep while visiting Paris.


Le Village Hostel Montmartre

best hostels pairs montmartre

Le Village Hostel Montmartre is another that receives solid reviews from guests. We love that it’s located in a truly residential part of Montmartre at the bottom of the Sacre Coeur — so you get that “local” feel when you stay here.

Le Village Hostel Montmartre is clean and the staff is friendly. They have fast internet and a self-catering kitchen but there isn’t a free breakfast (but you can grab a croissant from the nearby bakery). While this isn’t the most social hostel, there is a bar on-site and you get a free shot at check-in.

The Loft Boutique Hostel Paris

Best Hostels Paris - Loft Boutique Hostel Paris

The Loft Boutique Hostel Paris is located in the trendy/up-and-coming neighborhood of Belleville that’s filled with tons of cool bars and restaurants. On the flip side, it isn’t super close to the “touristy” part of Paris.

This hostel has an outdoor patio & bar, guest kitchen, free internet, 24 Hour Reception, and a few more amenities. No free breakfast, though.

This is a fairly social hostel so it’s a nice place to stay if you’re a solo traveler or simply want to meet fellow travelers.

Generator Paris Hostel

Generator Paris - Best Hostels Paris

Generator Paris is a new, modern, and swanky hostel that is huge — it feels like a mix between a hotel and a hostel. Some people complained that it didn’t have much of a community vibe, which tends to be the case with large hostels — but there is a lot of communal space.

We love the great views from the roof terrace. Generator Paris is geared toward higher-end hostel stayers so you can expect comfortable beds, modern amenities, and a higher standard of cleanliness.

The two main downsides are its lack of a kitchen (but it does have a cafe/restaurant) and no free breakfast.

St Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord Hostel

St Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord - Best Hostels Paris

St Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord has a reputation for being a party hostel — thanks to its large bar and 2-for-1 drink specials. I’d classified St. Christopher’s as a mega-hostel and it’s the city’s most popular hostel.

Some people said there isn’t much of a community feel because of its size and lack of common areas. It has free wifi, 24-hour reception, and comfortable pod hostel beds, but no free breakfast or kitchen.

Overall, this is another top hostel pick if you’re looking for a centrally located hostel and you’re up for a bit of a party atmosphere.

Mije Fourcy Fauconnier Maubuisson Hostel

MIJE Best Hostels Paris

Mije Fourcy Fauconnier Maubuisson is easily the best-located hostel on our list. It’s located in the Marais — which is filled with lots of great bars, cafes, restaurants, and shopping. It’s also within walking distance of most top sights and the Seine River. And the building dated back to the 17th century so that adds to its charm.

The hostel receives overall good reviews and has almost everything you’d expect in a hostel. They provide a modest breakfast for free but there is no kitchen area. People said it’s pretty quiet so don’t expect much ambiance, and it seems to draw a bit of an older crowd. But, if you want a comfortable place to sleep, it’s hard to bean Mije.

Plug-Inn Montmartre Hostel Paris

Best Paris Hostel - Plug-Inn Hostel

Plug Inn Montmartre is a fairly new addition to the Paris hostel scene and it has already been getting a lot of praise — it’s now one of the most popular hostels in the city. It’s a boutique hostel so it’s modern but there isn’t much social space so it might not be the kind of place to meet other travelers.

We love the Montmartre location (it’s one of the most charming parts of the city) and they provide free breakfast, free towels, and free walking tours. It’s also one of the more affordable hostels in Paris. It also gets high scores for being clean and comfortable mattresses.

FIAP Jean Monnet Paris Hostel

FIAP Best Hostels Paris

FIAP Jean Monnet is one of the few decent hostels south of the river. It’s a very large hostel so it won’t feel super homey, but it still receives solid reviews in just about every category. It has free breakfast but it is a bit far from the city center.

St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal Hostel

St Christopher's Inn Canal Paris Hostel - Best Hostels Paris

St Christopher’s Inn Canal is located on Canal St. Martin (which is a cool neighborhood) and it’s one of the most-visited hostels in Paris. Past guest says there is a friendly and social atmosphere so meeting people shouldn’t be too difficult. Plus, they have the Belushi bar downstairs.

It is a bit away from the center of the city but there is a metro stop next to the hostel. And while there isn’t a free breakfast or self-catering kitchen, it gets good reviews for just about everything else.

3 Ducks Boutique Hostel-Eiffel Tower Hostel

3 ducks hostel - Best Hostels Paris

3 Ducks Boutique Hostel-Eiffel Tower is located about 15 minutes from the Eiffel Tower and it’s the oldest hostel in Paris. The building is located in an 18th-century building that’s a protected landmark so it has a lot of character inside.

This is another one of the most popular hostels in Paris. We’re big fans of the bar in the basement and its free breakfast.

Le Regent Montmartre by Hiphophostels

Le Regent Montmartre is one of the most popular hostels in Paris. One of the big draws is its location — right down the hill from Sacré Cœur (but it’s not actually in Montmartre). The hostel is large and modern so some people say it gives off somewhat of a “hotel” vibe but the atmosphere is still friendly.

  • Price: Around €45/night (via Hostelworld)
  • Location: 18th — See On Google Maps
  • Check Reviews: Hostelworld 

Vintage Hostel Gare Du Nord Hostel

Vintage Gard Du Nord - Best Hostels Paris

Vintage Hostel Gare Du Nord is located in a quickly gentrifying part of the city and it’s close to the Gare Du Nord — which is the main station in Paris. The neighborhood has a local vibe and it’s filled with fun bars and restaurants.

The hostel doesn’t have free breakfast but it does have free wifi and it gets good overall reviews from past guests for comfort, cleanliness, and amenities.

Paris hostel photo credits: The People Paris, Le Village Hostel Montmartre, The Loft Boutique Hostel Paris, Generator Paris, St. Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord, Mije Fourcy Fauconnier Maubuisson, Plug Inn Montmartre, 3 Ducks Boutique Hostel-Eiffel Tower, Le Regent Montmartre, Vintage Hostel Gare Du Nord

More Paris Hostels To Check Out

Paris has a few new and other well-rated hostels that are worth checking out.

  • The People Hostel: Brand new purpose-built hostel with excellent rooftop views.
  • JO&JOE: New and modern hostel located slightly outside Paris (but on the RER line).

Hostel Packing Advice

Staying in hostels poses a few unique packing challenges so I’m here to help by recommending a few of my must-have items. Check out my Hostel Packing List for the full list but below are the absolute necessities:

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