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How to Eat and Drink on a Budget While Traveling in Europe

Tips for eating well and drinking in Europe without breaking the bank.

Helpful Travel Tips and Sightseeing Strategies For Europe

A list of our favorite everyday travel tips and sightseeing strategies that will help make your travel more successful.

Decoding City Public Transportation in Europe

Do you have questions about using the subway, bus, trams & other city public transportation in Europe? Don’t worry. This guide will help you make sense of it all.

When the Trip is Over — Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock and Readjustment

For many travelers returning home is the hardest part of their trip. Reverse culture shock can be incredibly difficult and it’s natural to experience these feelings.

How to Use a Smartphone and Data Plans Abroad

Everything you need to know about using mobile phones, smartphones, SIM cards, and pre-paid data plans in Europe — without spending a fortune.

How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe — Tips for Outsmarting the Thieves

If you’re planning a trip to Europe you’ve undoubtedly been warned about the danger of pickpockets. It is important to be vigilant because thousands of tourists are victims of pickpockets each year — and no one wants to spend their hard earned vacation trying to cancel their credit cards, replacing their passport, and finding alternative ... Read More

Fashion Advice: How to Avoid Looking Like An American Tourist In Europe

I am not a fashion expert, and I don’t claim to be one. The point of this guide isn’t to teach you how to look “European.”  In fact, there isn’t really a “European” look. Just like in America, Europeans wear all styles of clothes and it varies from country to country. That said, styles do tend ... Read More

Women’s European Fashion — Tips for Dressing like a European

Women’s European Fashion advice for traveling in Europe. What clothes to wear in Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin & other cities.

Guide to Solo Travel for Women in Europe

Advice for women wanting to travel solo in Europe. Tips on safety and how to have an amazing solo journey through Europe.

Money Savings Tips for Budget Travel and Backpacking in Europe

Budget backpacking and cheap travel can be difficult in Europe. Many travelers end up spending a lot more money then they need to—especially on day-to-day things—simply because they’re unaware of money-saving strategies. I’ve compiled a list of simple money-saving tips to help stretch your travel euros. Note: These tips are focused on how to save money ... Read More