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Go Madrid City Pass Review | Is This Sightseeing Pass A Good Value?

Is the new Go Madrid City Pass worth the money? We do an in-depth analysis to see if this sightseeing pass is a good deal.


The Go Madrid City Pass is a new sightseeing pass that covers around 20 different attractions in Madrid. But is the Go Madrid Pass a good deal? It depends. That’s why I wanted to do a Go Madrid City Pass review to see who should and shouldn’t buy this pass.

Quick Overview Of The Go Madrid City Pass

The Go Madrid City Pass is a bit different than other city sightseeing and museum passes as it mostly covers touristy attractions like walking tours, bike tours, and cultural sights — but it does include entrance to a few museums.

The Go Madrid City Pass allows you to choose 3, 4, 5, or 7 different attractions from the list and you have to use them within 30 days of activation. I do like the flexibility that this kind of pass offers because it lets you experience things at your own leisure.

Here are the four pass options:

  • 3-Choice Pass: €59
  • 4-Choice Pass: €78
  • 5-Choice Pass: €93
  • 7-Choice Pass: €114

What’s Included in the Go Madrid Sightseeing Pass

Go Madrid City Pass Review

As you can see below, this pass includes a lot of “touristy” things like Segway tours, bus tours, Flamenco Show — which is fine but these might not be activities that appeal to all travelers. Click here to see the list on the Go City Website.

  • Royal Palace Entrance and Guided Tour: €30
  • Real Madrid Bernabéu Stadium Tour: €25
  • Prado Museum: €15
  • Flamenco Show in Torres Bermejas: €35
  • Segway Tour Parque el Retiro: €35
  • Segway Night Tour: €30
  • Toledo Experience: €27
  • Museo de Cera (Wax Museum): €21
  • Las Ventas Tour (Bullfighting Stadium): €15
  • Essential Madrid E-bike Tour: €35
  • Chocolate & Churros Segway Tour: €39
  • Segovia Experience: €39
  • Madrid City Tour – BusVision: €14
  • Museo Lázaro Galdiano: €7

Is The Go Madrid Pass A Good Value?

The first step in determining the value of the Go Madrid Pass is dividing the pass cost by the number of attractions it covers.

  • 3-Choice Pass: €59 (€20/attraction)
  • 4-Choice Pass: €78 (€19.50/attraction)
  • 5-Choice Pass: €93 (€18.60/attraction)
  • 7-Choice Pass: €114 (€16.30/attraction)

Therefore, each attraction you choose should cost more than about €19-€20 for the pass to be worth the money. Luckily, most attractions on this list cost more than €20 so getting your value out of this pass is pretty easy.

Next, you need to determine if the things on this list are things you actually want to do. For example, doing the Royal Palace Entrance and Guided Tour (€30), the Flamenco Show in Torres Bermejas (€35), and the Chocolate & Churros Segway Tour (€39) would cost a total of €104, and the 3-Choice Pass would be €59, it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal if those aren’t things you want to do.

The Bottom Line

In short, the Go Madrid Pass doesn’t cover many “must-see” sights so if you’re looking to mainly see Madrid’s highlights then you might want to skip this pass.

However, this pass does cover some fun activities like so if these things look interesting to you then the Go Madrid pass is a really good value. On the other hand, if you’re a budget traveler then I recommend skipping the pass as you probably wouldn’t visit many of these attractions anyways.

Where To Buy The Go Madrid Pass

The Go Madrid Pass is a fully digital pass so simply visit the Go City website. Your pass will be activated when you visit the first attraction so the whole process is simple.

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