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Best Hostels in Madrid, Spain

Our picks for the best hostels in Madrid, Spain. The ultimate list of the best places to stay when traveling on a budget.


Madrid may not get the same love as Barcelona but visitors quickly see it’s a vibrant city that takes its nightlight seriously. It’s also a city with a healthy stock of great hostels at affordable prices. In fact, there are over 100 hostels in Madrid but a few rise to the top. So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best hostels in Madrid.


Average Price For A Bed: Madrid’s hostels are affordable — especially by Western Europe standards. However, prices are often a little more expensive on Friday and Saturday nights than on weeknights.

A bed in a highly-rated hostel will cost anywhere from about €19-€32/night with an average around €24/night. The cheapest hostel you’ll find will cost around €14/night.

Check HostelWorld to get exact prices for your dates.

Cheap Beds & Good Hostels Go Early: Hostel prices are fairly standardized (there are a few outliers) but the quality does vary quite a bit. The best options do get booked up quickly (especially in the summer).

Check Location: Most hostels in Madrid are centrally located but there are a few located outside the city.

Check-In Times and Cleaning Times: Many hostels have late check-in times (around 2 pm-4 pm) but nearly all will let you store your bags if you arrive before check-in.

New To Hostels? Check out our Hostels 101 Guide to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect hostel.


This list of Madrid’s best hostels is based on overall quality, location, price, and guest reviews. We do encourage you to check out HostelWorld to do a bit of searching for yourself.

NOTE: All prices listed below are the cheapest option available during the busy (i.e. expensive) season. Prices will often be 20%+ cheaper during the slower seasons.

Sungate One

best hostels in Madrid - Sungate One

Sungate One hostel is one of the best hostels in Europe (it was voted best small hostel in the world… so yeah, you can’t go wrong staying here). First, it’s centrally located in a great neighborhood. The staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and are happy to share their knowledge. The hostel has a super welcoming atmosphere and they put on all kinds of activities (free dinners & drinks, walking tours, etc.) to bring people together — you’re guaranteed to make friends. Also, no bunk beds! The showers/facilities are clean, the beds are comfortable, and…. well, you should just stay here if you can.

The Hat Madrid

best Madrid hostels - The Hat Madrid

The Hat Madrid is a brand new hostel that’s already winning awards and getting a lot of love from travelers. They call it a boutique hostel so it has a hip “design-y” and upscale vibe — plus it has an outdoor terrace, rooftop bar, solarium, and lots of common space. The location is perfect, the beds are comfortable, the hostel is clean, and the staff is super helpful. The vibe of the hostel is lively and welcoming but it’s not a party hostel. You can’t really go wrong here.

Ok Hostel Madrid

Best hostels in Madrid - OK Hostel

OK Hostel Madrid is another excellent award-winning hostel that travelers love. These guys know how to run a hostel. The location is great so you’re close to everything and you’re right by the metro. The staff is friendly and they do a good job keeping the hostel clean. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are nice.

The hostel has a very friendly and lively atmosphere. The organize an excellent €10 group dinner where you can meet tons of people — they also organize nightly pub crawls. There is a bar and plenty of common space.

Way Hostel

Best hostels Madrid - Way Hostel

Way Hostel is another fantastic award-winning hostel in Madrid. It’s located in the heart of the city so you’re never far from the sights. The hostel is well-designed and it has a great atmosphere so you’ll meet lots of people — especially during sangria night and other group activities they put on. It has a large and fully equipped kitchen. There is ample common space and the rooms are nice, comfortable, and clean

Room007 Chueca Hostel

Best Madrid Hostels - Room007

Room007 Chueca is located right in the heart of the city in a hip neighborhood full of bars and close to lots of shopping. There is a bar and a good amount of common space but Room007 Chueca is a laid back and quiet hostel — so don’t expect a party vibe (for better or worse) and it can be tough to meet people. However, they do organize pub crawls with their sister hostel. There is a small kitchen, an open-air rooftop terrace, they offer a cheap breakfast, and the staff does a good job keeping the hostel clean.

Its sister hostel Room007 Ventura has the same vibe and it priced the same.

Mad4you Hostel

Best Madrid Hostel - Mad4You

Mad4you Hostel is located in a great part of the city — it’s near a university so the neighborhood is fun and youthful. The hostel has a nice courtyard, a small bar, a large kitchen, and free breakfast. The atmosphere is about average so it might not be the best choice for a solo traveler looking to meet people. But it is quiet, clean, and the beds are comfortable.

TOC Hostel Madrid

Best hostel Madrid - Toc Hostel

TOC Hostel Madrid is another solid choice. It has a boutique hotel vibe so it’s hip-looking but it also lacks a social atmosphere. This is a hostel for people who want a quiet, clean, and comfortable place to sleep that’s located close to everything Madrid has to offer — it’s not a place to meet new people.

Safestay Madrid

Best Hostels Madrid - Safestay

Safestay Madrid has nice facilities, comfortable large beds, spacious rooms, friendly staff, and a cheap breakfast. It’s located in a fun neighborhood that’s slightly outside the center of town. There is a small kitchen and a bar. It’s not an overly social hostel but they do organize a city walking tour.


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