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The Best Party Hostels in Berlin | Where To Stay In Berlin If You Want to Party

A guide to Berlin's best party hostels


Berlin is famous for its legendary party scene and is home to some of the most legendary clubs and nightlife in the world. Naturally, many Berlin visitors want to also stay in a party hostel so they can easily meet other travelers who also want to have a great time. So to help you pick the perfect social hostel, I’ve created this guide to the best party hostels in Berlin.

Berlin has multiple amazing hostels so if a “party hostel” isn’t your vibe then I suggest checking out my guide to The Best Hostels in Berlin to see other great hostel options for multiple travel styles (because you might actually want a peaceful night’s sleep after clubbing). Also, check out our guide to the Best Party Cities in Europe if you want to keep the party going.

What We Look For In A Great Berlin Party Hostel

Every hostel has its own vibe but below are a few things you want to look for in a party hostel:

Hostel Bar

Most party hostels will have an on-site bar every party hostel will have a bar. Hostel bars will commonly have a happy hour with cheaper drinks than you’d find elsewhere or some might offer a free welcome drink. Either way, a hostel bar is a great way to meet other travelers and it’s typically where people meet up before heading out to the clubs.

Rooftop, Lounge Space, and/or Kitchen

Party hostels also need a common space where people can hang out and mingle—this will typically be a lounge space, kitchen, or even a rooftop.

Organized Bar Crawls, Walking Tours, or Happy Hours

The best party hostels will foster a social atmosphere by organizing social events like walking tours, bar crawls, or even happy hours at the hostel. Some will even plan free/cheap hostel dinners or other events.

Staff Vibe

The staff can often be the key to a great hostel and party hostels tend to have staff who are down to party as much as the guests.

Negative Aspects Of Staying In A Party Hostel

Staying in a party hostel does come with a few potential drawbacks that you should consider before booking:

High Chance Noise at Night

Hostels have a high chance of being a bit loud at night but that chance is way higher at party hostels.

So getting a peaceful night’s sleep can be difficult. While not always the case, the noise from the hostel’s nightlife (i.e. music, people yelling, etc.) can spill into the bedrooms.

People staying in dorm rooms will often be woken up by roommates (often drunk) coming back at all hours of the night.

If you want to help cut down on the noise, I’d consider booking a private room so at least you won’t get woken up by roommates.

If you’re interested in getting a better night’s sleep, check out my article on the Best Hostels in Berlin for more hostel options that might be a little calmer.

Elevated Prices

Party hostels are highly sought-after because they’re filled with people who stay there to meet other travelers—i.e. you essentially have a built-in social network so meeting people is very easy.

But this demand can also push up the prices.

Harder To Book

Party hostels get booked up faster than most hostels, especially in the summer, so it’s best to book early.

Quality May Suffer

Party hostels tend to experience more wear and tear so the overall quality can tend to suffer if the staff doesn’t do a good job of maintenance. This isn’t always the case but it’s something to consider.

Quick Note About Party Hostels in Berlin

For a city with legendary nightlife, Berlin doesn’t actually have a huge number of party hostels (unlike the numerous party hostels in Barcelona and party hostels in Amsterdam). In fact, Berlin mostly has large, hotel-like hostels that act mostly as cheap places to sleep than to meet other travelers.

That said, Berlin does have a handful of social hostels with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere but many hostels prefer that you keep the party in the club.

Therefore, in this guide, I’ll mainly focus on the few party hostels in Berlin but I’ll also list out some of Berlin’s more “social” hostels so you can still have a great chance at meeting your fellow travelers.

Our Top Picks For The Best Party Hostels In Berlin

Here are our top picks for the best party hostels in Berlin.

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte Hostel

Best Party Hostels in Berlin | St Christopher's Berlin Mitte

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte is a very popular and well-loved Berlin party hostel that’s been newly refurbished so it has a cool vibe without being rundown.

The main draw for partygoers to all St Christopher’s hostels is their Belushi’s Bar—a lively on-site sports bar with plenty of beer and cocktail discounts, food, beer pong, club nights, live music, and live sports. The Belushi Bar is also open to the public so you get a nice mix of visitors.

In addition, they have are plenty of chill-out spots around the hostel—including a large outdoor terrace for guests to relax on warm days as well as a great rooftop terrace.

St Christopher’s also organizes free walking tours of the city and daily bar crawls – a great way to meet new people and have a good time.

St Christopher’s Berlin Alexanderplatz Hostel

St Christopher’s Berlin Alexanderplatz is the second St Christopher’s hostel in Berlin and it’s another great Berlin party hostel option that’s to its on-site bad.

Like all Christopher’s hostels, they have their popular Belushi’s sports bar on the ground floor. Here you’ll find 2-for-1 drink specials and a 25% discount on food. Belushi’s is also open to the public so you get a nice mix of visitors who come to watch sports on the giant plasma TVs.

Other than the bar (which is the main social area), the hostel is quiet and they try to enforce quiet hours so people can still get some sleep.

Sunflower Hostel Berlin

The Sunflower Hostel is a well-rated hostel with tons of character. While this isn’t a full-on party hostel, it does have a great vibe and every night there is always plenty of people hanging out at the hostel bar. The Sunflower also helps organize free daily walking tours.

The location is another big draw for guests as the Friedrichshain is a super hip neighborhood with great food and nightlife.

Backpacker Berlin Hostel

Backpacker Berlin Hostel is located in Friedrichshain—Berlin’s hippest nightlife neighborhood so you’re very close to the party (even if you don’t party in the hostel). And while this isn’t a “party” hostel, it is a very social hostel so I went ahead and included it on the list because it’s very easy to meet other travelers here.

I’d classify Backpacker Berlin as an old-school, lived-in hostel with a great atmosphere for people looking to take it easy and meet other travelers in a calm environment in a cool part of town. They also have nice kitchen facilities which always help boost the social atmosphere.

Circus Hostel

The Circus Hostel is a modern hostel that manages to have a decent social atmosphere thanks to its on-site bar (but again, I wouldn’t call this a “party” hostel). They have Quiz Nights, Karaoke Thursdays, and Live Music Fridays to help guests meet. They also organize a city walking tour that ends at a microbrewery.

It’s also in a nice location with a train stop right outside the front door.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

EastSeven Berlin Hostel is one of the most popular hostels in Berlin (they’ve been rated #1 in Germany a few times) and they do a lot of things to help create a social and communal atmosphere—like free breakfast, communal dinners, free food, etc. They have a nice outdoor BBQ area/garden where you can chill and comfortable sofas in the common area.

The hostel is also close to the great bars, restaurants, and shops in Prenzlauer Berg as well as Alexander Platz and Museum Island.

Hostel Packing Advice

Staying in hostels poses a few unique packing challenges so I’m here to help by recommending a few of my must-have items. Check out my Hostel Packing List for the full list but below are the absolute necessities:

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