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I have two resolutions for 2017 — travel more and get in better shape.

So I needed some gear to help me along the way. Then, out of the blue, the people at Tommy John contacted me to see if I wanted to try a few of their products. I had heard a lot of good stuff about their underwear so I agreed (I was actually thinking about asking for a few pairs for Christmas but TJ’s beat me to it). A few days later a box arrived with a few pairs of underwear, a t-shirt, and socks.

I proceeded to test them out for a month and in case you were wondering if they’re worth packing for your next trip. Full disclosure: I was given the items for free, but I was not paid for my review.

About Tommy John


In case you don’t know, Tommy John is a new startup company that mainly makes underwear. They make a few other things but underwear is their bread-and-butter. They also claim that their underwear is the most comfortable you’ll ever wear — which is a pretty big statement but they guarantee it.

They have multiple styles of underwear — briefs, square cut, boxer brief, and relaxed fit boxers. Each cut comes in multiple styles, colors, and materials. I suggest that you take a look around to see if anything looks interesting.

As I said before, I tried out two styles — the Air Boxer Brief and the 360 Sport Trunk… so let’s get onto the reviews.

Air Boxer Brief

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-8-55-32-pm tommy-john-air-review

The first pair I tested was the Air Boxer Brief. These things are nice. Like, super nice. They’re also Tommy John’s most high-tech pair of underwear they offer.

The Air material (77% Nylon Mesh, 23% Spandex) is super lightweight. It weighs next to nothing and it’s very soft. It also dries quickly is you need to wash them in the sink.

I’ve machine washed mine a few times and they seem to be holding up. Since they’re a bit more “fragile” than other material, some people online recommend washing them in a mesh bra/delicates bag that many women use to machine-wash their delicates. It’s probably not a bad idea.

The fit on these is also great. I wore them on a long plane ride (which is the ultimate test in my book) and I never had any issues. I didn’t find myself adjusting every half hour like I do with other underwear.

I found that these are best for everyday use. I tried workout out in them but they weren’t my favorite.

The Air Boxer Briefs are Tommy John’s most expensive offering at $48/pair.

To be honest… I want to buy 10 pairs of these things.

360 Sport Trunk and Air Mesh Performance Crew

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-8-56-19-pm tommy-john-360-review

The second pair I tested was the 360 Sport Trunk. These are heavy-duty trunks made specifically for working out/exercising. I’ve used them about a dozen times and they’re great. They keep everything secure but they’re still comfortable.

They have a small pocket — which is nice if you need to carry a key, credit card/ID. It says it can fit an iPhone 6 but I haven’t tried working out with a phone in my underwear.

There are mesh areas to help keep you cool and the material is Anti-microbial + Anti-odor. The fabric is 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex so it will dry quickly.

I’d say these are best for exercise. I tried wearing them for a full day and they got a bit uncomfortable toward the end of the day. However, they’re perfect when I’m burning off millions of calories at the gym.

Price: $32/pair

So would I buy another pair? Yes. These are great. Expensive, yes, but they’re very comfortable during exercise.

Along with the Sport Trunk I also tested out the Mesh Performance Crew shirt. This is a super lightweight shirt that is moisture wicking and anti-microbial. It’s a great workout shirt. It does cost $65. I don’t know if I could justify paying that much. Don’t get me wrong; this is a super nice shirt. However, if I had to choose between the shirt or two pairs of the underwear I’d choose the underwear.

Final Thoughts

Tommy John products are expensive. At $29-$48/pair, I’d consider them a luxury item — especially for the budget traveler. If you have the cash then I highly recommend picking up a few pairs because they’re legitimately excellent.On a budget? There are other budget options out there if you don’t feel like shelling out the cash.

On a budget?  There are other budget options out there if you don’t feel like shelling out the cash — but, these are

Check out all of Tommy John’s underwear!

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