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Rome Price Guide | Calculating The Daily Costs To Visit Rome

Calculating the daily costs to visit Rome. How to estimate your budget for food, accommodation, attractions, alcohol, and more.


Rome is rightfully at the top of almost every visitor’s list because it offers so much to experience. Rome is also one of the more expensive cities in Europe so Rome’s prices are high in most categories. In this Rome travel price guide, we’ve outlined the estimated travel expenses for food, accommodation, attractions, alcohol, and other common travel expenses to help you budget your trip to Rome.

This Rome Price Guide is part of our City Price Guide Series where we break down the travel costs of Europe’s most popular cities.

Average Daily Cost For Visiting Rome

Rome Travel Cost Guide
Order a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

It costs around €65-€95/day to visit Rome comfortably as a budget traveler.

If you want to upgrade your accommodations, add another €80-€110/night depending on your desired level of accommodation. These prices also don’t include big nights out at the bar/pub, club entry fees, souvenir/clothing shopping, tours, random purchases, nicer food, etc.

Daily Cost of Budget Travel in Rome: €88 ($93 USD)

  • Attractions: €18 (one paid attraction + any free sights)
  • Food: €30
    • Breakfast: €3
    • Lunch: €8
    • Dinner: €15
    • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): €3
  • Transportation: €3
  • Accommodation (hostel): €40

Daily Cost of Frugal Travel in Rome: €58 ($62 USD)

  • Attractions: €10 (free walking tour + visit one of the free sights)
  • Food: €20
    • Breakfast: €2
    • Lunch: €5
    • Dinner: €10
    • Beer: €1.50 (chill out at the park and have a cold one)
  • Transportation: €1.50
  • Accommodation (cheap hostel bed): €26

Rome Attraction and Museum Prices

Rome has a number of free things to do, but most of the paid attractions are fairly expensive. Rome is also known for its long lines and hoards of tourists, so get up early to beat the crowds.

You might consider purchasing the Roma Pass which will get you into a couple of museums and includes unlimited travel on public transit. A 3-day pass is €36, and a 48hr pass is €28. Check out our Rome Pass Review for more in-depth details.

Food Prices In Rome

Italy is known for its amazing food and there is no shortage of it in Rome. However, you will have to do some research before you head out in order to ensure you get a quality meal at a good price—because there are PLENTY of overpriced tourist traps. Read more of our strategies for Eating and Drinking in Europe on a Budget.

Budget Breakfast Prices in Rome: €2-€7

  • Many hostels will offer a free simple breakfast that normally consists of cereal, bread/croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, tea, or juice (some hostels will offer more and some less).
  • Cappuccino & pastry: €3-€4
  • Espresso: €1-€1.20

A Few Budget-Friendly Breakfast Spots in Rome:

Budget Lunch Prices in Rome: €6-€13

  • Super budget travelers can make a super cheap lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit from any grocery store for a few dollars.
  • Pizza for one cost around €6-€8
  • Homemade takeaway pasta from a quality place like Il Pastaio di Roma costs €6-€9.
  • Cheap takeaway meals (like a kebab with fries) cost €4.50-€7.

Budget Dinner Prices in Rome: €8-€20

  • You can get some nice deals on pizza and a drink during the “aperitivo” time of day (usually 6 pm-9 pm). Expect to pay around €7-€13.
  • Pasta at a quality restaurant will cost around €10-€13.
  • You should be able to find a quality dinner at a restaurant in a less touristy part of town for around €17-€20.
  • Many of the options from the Budget Lunch section above also apply to dinner.

A Few Budget-Friendly Lunch and Dinner Spots

Drinks and Alcohol Prices in Rome

  • A pint of standard beer out: €4-€6
  • A pint of beer from a grocery store: €1.50
  • Bottle of (drinkable) wine from the grocery store: €5
  • Cappuccino: €1.30
  • Gelato: €2
  • Tiramisu: €2.50-€3.50 (Try it at Two Sizes)

Transportation Prices in Rome

Rome has an extensive network of subways, trams, and buses that will get you around the city easily.

Roman Metro (subway), Tram, & Bus:

  • Single one-way ticket (BIT): €1.50
  • 1-day pass (BIG): €6
  • 3-day pass (BTI): €16.50
  • Week pass (CIS): €24

Bus from airport to city: €5.90

Train (Leonardo Express) from the airport to the city: €18

Taxi from airport to city: €48 (this is a set price)

Hostel, Hotel, & Rental Apartment Prices in Rome

It is generally recommended that you book your accommodation in advance since the city is such a popular travel destination. Many people find that the Termini station can be a little dangerous at night, so you may consider avoiding hotels within the immediate vicinity.

Hostel Prices in Rome: €34-€65/Night

The nightly price of a well-rated hostel in Rome starts around €38-€48/night per person—although many hostels raise their prices on the weekend. Remember, these prices are for a bed in a shared dorm room. Private rooms start around €90-€170 per night. Check out the latest hostel prices at Hostelworld since prices are always fluctuating.

The Best-Rated Hostels in Rome

Check out The Savvy Backpacker’s guide to The Best Hostels in Rome to get a more in-depth look at the city’s various hostel options.

Budget Hotel Prices in Rome: €80-€165/Night

Hotel prices in Rome are generally more expensive than in other Southern European cities—probably because it’s one of the most visited cities in Europe. Budget hotels in Rome start around €95 per night but nicer budget hotels typically cost €135-€150 per night.

We suggest checking out to see hotel prices for your dates since they’re always changing.

Rental Apartment Prices in Rome: €110-€175+/Night

Rome has a ton of rental apartments in all parts of the city. These rentals can be a good option for large groups or travelers who want a little more space (and a kitchen). On the other hand, there are a few downsides to rental apartments — like limited/inconvenient check-in processes and extra cleaning fees/service charges (which can make short stays quite a bit more expensive). For short stays, we prefer hotels/hostels but rental apartments can be a nice option for longer stays.

Airbnb is always popular but you can sometimes find cheaper/better options on our list of Airbnb Alternatives.

Get More Budget Travel In Europe Tips

Check out our guide on How Much It Costs To Backpack Europe to learn more about budgeting your entire trip (including many more city price guides).

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