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Best Hostels in Brussels | A Backpacker’s Guide To Brussels Hostels

Our picks for the best hostels in Brussels, Belgium. The ultimate list of the best places to stay when visiting Brussels on a budget.


Brussels isn’t traditionally known as a budget-friendly destination so the hostel scene isn’t nearly as extensive or developed as you’ll find in other major European cities. That said, there are still a handful of solid hostel options and they’re still fairly affordable. That’s why I’ve compared the different options to find you the best hostels in Brussels to fit your travel style.

Brussels Hostels: Overview

Hostels in Brussels
A quick look at hostel prices and locations

Brussels only has about 10 hostels but only there are only about six hostels that we’d recommend. That said, Brussels doesn’t have any truly “excellent” hostels so don’t expect any to truly wow you.

Brussels Hostel Prices

During the high season, the average price for a hostel in Brussels starts between €25-€30/night. We’ve also noticed that prices tend to increase on the weekend and then decrease during the week. Prices also drop in the off-season. 

Check Hostelworld to get prices for your exact dates.

More Tips About Hostels in Brussels

  • Book Early For Best Prices: Since Brussels only has about six good hostels, it’s not surprising that the best hostels get booked up pretty quickly. If you want to snag the cheapest beds in the best hostels then you’ll want to book somewhat early — especially during the busy season.
  • Dorm Room Bed Configuration: Expect hostel dorm rooms to have anywhere from 4 to 12+ beds. In general, the cheapest beds are in the rooms with the most beds.  
  • Private Rooms: Most hostels will have a couple of private rooms. These can be for two people (either a single bed or two beds) but some private rooms have three-five beds (for groups traveling together). Private rooms are a little expensive but it’s a nice option if you want a little more privacy. 
  • Female-Only Dorms: Most hostels have at least one female-only dorm room. 
  • Hostel Location: Brussels does have a few rough spots so be sure to read the reviews to make sure your hostel is located in a neighborhood that you’ll feel comfortable staying in.
  • Hostel Vibes: Brussels doesn’t really have any true “backpackers” hostels so most hostels feel a little more like hotels than hostels. On the bright side, these hostels are clean and modern but most lack that backpacker’s soul.  
  • Look For Extras: Some hostels offer free breakfast, some have self-catering kitchens, some organize walking tours or other events, etc. These little extra things can truly add to the overall experience so keep those in mind when booking.
  • City Tax: Brussels recently introduced a tourism tax of €4.24 per night per person that’s usually not included in the price. 
  • Check-In Times and Cleaning Times: Most hostels have late check-in times (around 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.) but nearly all will let you store your bags if you arrive before check-in.
  • New To Hostels? Check out our Guide To Hostels in Europe to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect hostel.

The Best Hostels in Brussels: My Top Picks

Brussels City Price Guide

We’ve stayed in so many hostels that we’ve lost count — so we know all the little things that separate bad hostels from good hostels and good hostels from great hostels.

How We Rank Hostels:

  • Overall Quality: We try taking a holistic look at the hostel to see the positives and negatives. Our goal is to find amazing hostels that are still affordable.
  • Location: We point out if the hostels are in a good part of town and near the highlights. 
  • Price: We try to filter out the super-expensive hostels to help find the best price-to-quality ratio.
  • Vibe/Atmosphere: Every hostel has a personality. Some are party hostels and some are quiet. We try to note the atmosphere so you can find a place to stay that matches your travel style.
  • Past Guest Reviews: Every guest has a different experience so we look at the good and the bad. We suggest you take a few minutes to read prior reviews.

We encourage you to check out Hostelworld to do a bit of searching for yourself.

MEININGER Brussel City Center Hostel

Best Hostels Brussels | Meininger Brussel City Center
MEININGER Brussels City Center

MEININGER Brussels City Center is the most-booked and one of the best-rated hostels in Brussels so make sure to check this place out. Meininger is a popular upscale chain of European hostels that is known for being modern and packed with lots of hotel-like amenities.

Like most large hostels, it doesn’t have the most social vibe but there is a bar, kitchen, and plenty of common space so you can meet fellow travelers if you make an effort. It does attract a wide range of guests — from families and teens to groups and solo travelers.

The beds are comfortable, the rooms are spacious, and the staff does a great job keeping the place clean. There is a self-catering kitchen as well. They don’t have a free breakfast but you can pay for an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet (which seems overpriced so we recommend eating elsewhere). Some guests say the hostel is in a slightly dodgy area but it is only a 10-minute walk to the city center.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel City Centre Hostel

Best Hostels in Brussles | 2GO4 Hostel
Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel Grand Place

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel Grand Place is another very popular hostel in Brussels and receives solid reviews. The hostel is located in the city center so you’re very close to everything the city has to offer. They also offer free simple breakfast and drinks every morning and there is a small self-catering kitchen onsite. 

2GO4 Hostel has a super funky aesthetic and a solid lounge for hanging out/meeting fellow travelers. We’d classify this as a social hostel but it isn’t a party hostel — however, they do sell nice Belgian beer at the reception. 

Sleep Well Youth Hostel Brussels

Sleep Well Youth Hostel | Best Hostels in Brussels
Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Sleep Well Youth Hostel receives high praise for its friendly staff, central location, modern facilities, and cleanliness. Sleep Well is another hostel that has more of a hotel vibe so it is nice and modern but might not have that “backpacker” vibe some travelers are looking for. However, there is an on-site bar, plenty of common areas for hanging out, and they organize free walking tours. 

The hostel does offer a huge free breakfast but there isn’t a self-catering kitchen.

Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

Jacques Brel | Best Brussels Hostels
Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

Jacques Brel Youth Hostel is another very nice and modern hostel in Brussels. Again, this hostel has a hotel vibe so you’ll find a lot of families and groups staying here. So, while it might not have a backpacker vibe, it’s still a clean, comfortable, and friendly place to stay.

Jacques Brel has a bar, a self-serve kitchen, and even a nice outdoor courtyard so you can meet fellow travelers if you put in the effort. 

Other Hostels in Brussels You Might Want To Check Out

Photo credits: MEININGER Brussels City Center, Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel Grand Place, Sleep Well Youth Hostel, Jacques Brel Youth Hostel

Hostel Packing Advice

Staying in hostels poses a few unique packing challenges so I’m here to help by recommending a few of my must-have items. Check out my Hostel Packing List for the full list but below are the absolute necessities:

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