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Best Hostels in Athens | Backpacker’s Guide to Athens Hostels

The ultimate list of the best places to stay when visiting Athens, Greece on a budget.

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Athens is one of the best places in Europe to see ancient history with your own eyes and it’s also a popular first stop for people wanting to visit the Greek islands. And while the city of Athens is a little rough and gritty, it’s also affordable and has a number of cheap hostels. Athens has around 30 hostels so I created this guide to help you find the best hostels in Athens for every travel style.

Athens Hostels Overview

Athens Greece Hostels Map

Athens has around 30 hostels and most are centrally located so you’re never too far from the action. Athens has a few sketchy-feeling neighborhoods so pay attention to past reviews to get a better vibe of each hostel’s location.

Athens Hostel Prices

Hostel prices in Athens start from €15-€40/night but most well-rated hostels cost around €22-€27/night. Private hostels rooms in Athens typically cost between €40-€95/night.

I recommend checking Hostelworld to see current prices for your dates since prices are always changing.


  • Cheap Beds & Good Hostels Go Early: Hostel prices are fairly standardized (there are a few outliers) but the quality does vary quite a bit. The best options get booked quickly (especially in the summer) so booking in advance is your best bet.
  • Dorms vs Private Rooms: Hostels typically have dorm-style rooms with multiple bunk beds but most hostels have a few private rooms that have anywhere from one bed to a few bunks. Dorm beds are the cheapest option and private rooms cost around the same as a budget hotel.
  • Weekend Rates: As with most popular cities in Europe, it’s common for the hostels in Athens to raise their prices on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Check The Hostel Vibe: Every hostel has its own unique vibe. Some are homey and welcoming. Some cater to a party crowd. Some are modern. Some feel like a hotel. Read the reviews to see which hostel matches your travel style.
  • Age Restrictions: Some hostels cater to families and school groups — so book an 18+ hostel if you don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of middle school kids. Also, family-friendly hostels tend to attract an older crowd so you probably won’t find the typical “backpacker” experience.
  • Areas/Neighborhoods: Cheaper hostels tend to be located a bit outside the city center or in less-desirable neighborhoods. Athens is typically safe but you want to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Check-In Times and Cleaning Times: Many hostels have late check-in times (around 2 pm-4 pm) but nearly all will let you store your bags if you arrive before check-in. Some hostels will also close in the middle of the day so staff can clean.

Hostel Newbie?: Check out my Guide To Hostels in Europe to learn everything you need to know about hostels and plenty of tips for finding your perfect hostel.


Athens Hostels Best

My list of the best hostels in Athens is based on overall quality, location, price, vibe, and guest reviews. I encourage you to check out Hostelworld to read the reviews of past guests.

  • Overall Quality: I take a holistic look at the hostel to see the positives and negatives. My goal is to find amazing hostels that are still affordable.
  • Location: Most hostels I list are centrally located but I do my best to take the neighborhood vibe into consideration.
  • Price: I try to filter out the super-expensive hostels to help find the best price-to-quality ratio.
  • Vibe/Atmosphere: Every hostel has a personality. Some are party hostels and some are quiet. I try to note the atmosphere so you can find a place to stay that matches your travel style.
  • Past Guest Reviews: Every guest has a different experience so I look at the good and the bad. I suggest you take a few minutes to read prior reviews.

Note: All the prices listed below are for peak summer rates so prices may be cheaper for stays during the off-season. I recommend checking Hostelworld for the most accurate prices.

Athens Backpackers Hostel

Best Hostels in Athens | Athens Backpackers

Athens Backpackers Hostel is the most popular hostel in Athens and it’s my top pick for most travelers. This place does multiple things really well — which is why they win awards year after year. As an added bonus, they completely renovated the hostel in June 2021 so it’s gotten even better.

Athens Backpackers has a beautiful two-level rooftop bar that has great views of the Acropolis. They also have another downstairs bar and coworking space so it received good reviews for being a social hostel. They also hold events and have a free walking tour so that all helps keep things social. The main downside is the lack of a kitchen.

In the dorm rooms, you’ll find new private capsule beds with comfortable mattresses. If you want more privacy, they also offer studios or apartments. All the rooms have digital locks that can be unlocked with your phone so that’s a nice touch. Athens Backpackers gets nearly universal positive reviews for their friendly staff and cleanliness.

The hostel is located in the heart of Athens so you’re within walking distance of everything and there is a metro stop in front of the property.

Athens Studios Hostels

Best Hostels Athens | Athens Studios Hostel

Athens Studios Hostel is a modern hostel that’s right in the middle of Athens so the location can’t be beaten. It’s a sister hostel to Athens Backpackers (listed above) so guests are welcome to use both hostels’ bars, rooftops, etc.

Athens Studio has a nice sports bar that shows soccer games so it’s a good place to meet fellow travelers — it can also get loud when big games are being shown. Past guests mention how it’s not the most social hostel but they do throw events like quiz nights and karaoke.

Overall, I’d say Athens Studios have more of a hotel vibe than a traditional hostel vibe (so it’s not the best place to meet people) but it’s clean and the beds are comfortable.

Nubian Hostel Athens

Best Hostels Athens | Nubian Hostel

Nubian Hostel Athens is a newer hostel that consistently receives high reviews in every category. First of all, they have a friendly staff and the hostel has a great social vibe. They also do a free breakfast and often put out free wine for two hours each evening — all of which help bring travelers together. Multiple past guests also commented on the quality of the beds/mattresses and the cleanliness of the hostel.

Nubian Hostel is located in the center of Athens and there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars just outside the hostel.

Athens Hawks Hostel

Best Hostel in Athens | Athens Hawks Hostel

Athens Hawks Hostel is an excellent hostel with some of the highest ratings for its atmosphere, facilities, cleanliness, and staff. The main drawback is that the hostel is located in a bit of a dodgy part of Athens so many past guests have made comments that they didn’t feel completely safe walking alone at night — especially single females. That said, almost everyone who stayed there said they’d stay there again since the hostel was otherwise excellent.

Let’s take a look at what makes Athens Hawks one of the best hostels in Athens. First, it has an awesome atmosphere and friendly common spaces so it’s a great place to meet other people. They have a great rooftop bar that gives excellent city views.

Athens Hawks Hostel puts on a free walking tour every morning and a cooking session every evening. They also do things like pub crawls, beer pong, and other drinking games at their bar.

Bedbox Hostel Athens

Best Hostels Athens | Bedbox Athens

Bedbox Hostel is another excellent modern hostel that gets outstanding reviews in every category so you can’t really go wrong if you stay here. I’m a big fan that they have a well-equipped shared kitchen if you to make your own meal — hostel kitchens are also a great place to meet people. Bedbox has a very social atmosphere (without being a “party” hostel) thanks to its common space and on-site bar that’s always buzzing with travelers. That said, a few travelers mentioned that the noise from the bar can be heard in some of the rooms.

The beds are comfortable and each bunk has a curtain for privacy as well as its own electrical outlet. There are also large lockers for your luggage to keep your stuff safe. The staff does a great job of keeping the hostel clean.

Bedbox Hostel is located in the center of Athens so you’re only a 20-minute walk from the acropolis, and 5 minute’s walk to the bus or metro.

Athens Hub Hostel

Best Athens Hostels | Athens Hub Hostel

Athens Hub Hostel falls into the category of a high-end boutique hostel and it was fully renovated in 2019 so it has tons of modern amenities. Like many boutique-style hostels, past guests comment that Athens Hub might lack that “backpacker’s soul” but it’s clean, comfortable, and it has a really nice rooftop and a bar area.

One of the best things about Athens Hub Hostel is the location — it’s situated right in the middle of a neighborhood that’s full of cool bars, restaurants, and cafes.

City Circus Athens Hostel

Athens Best Hostels | City Circus Hostel

City Circus Athens Hostel is a recently renovated design hostel that has an artsy boutique vibe and a lot of nice design touches (retro furniture, fun artwork, etc). The hostel is in a great location near the metro and within walking distance of the city’s nightlife and highlights. They also have a great rooftop terrace with an amazing view of the Acropolis.

A majority of the rooms at City Circus are private so it doesn’t have a traditional hostel vibe — which might make meeting fellow travelers a little more difficult. That said, they get excellent reviews for their friendly staff, cleanliness, and their comfortable beds.

Safestay Athens Hostel

Athens Hostels | Safestay Hostel

Safestay Athens Hostel is another solid hostel that’s located right in the middle of Athen’s nightlife so you’re surrounded by cafes, restaurants, bars, and art galleries. And you’re within walking distance of the city’s best highlights and you have easy access to the metro.

Past guests mention that the hostel isn’t super social but they do have a great rooftop bar (which is covered and heated) and it has excellent city views — it’s a good place to meet other travelers. They don’t have a kitchen but they do provide breakfast for a small fee. That said, Safestay Athens is clean, the staff is friendly, the facilities are modern, and the rooms are roomy.

  • Price: Starts around €40/night for a bed in a shared room and €150/night for private rooms (via Hostelworld)
  • See Location on Google Maps
  • Read More Reviews at Hostelworld

Dioskouros Athens Hostel

Best Athens Hostel | Dioskouros Hostel

Dioskouros is one of the most popular hostels in Athens for two reasons — its unbeatable location and cheap rates.

Is Dioskouros the best hostel in Athens? No way. But Dioskouros probably has the best location in the city and you won’t pay much to stay there. The facilities are just average and the atmosphere is not very social but it’s quiet and they have free (although basic) breakfast.

San Remo Hostel Athens

San Remo Hostel | Best Hostels in Athens Greece

San Remo Hostel is a small independent hostel near Athens’ train station that’s hidden in a quiet backstreet right off the main tourist area. It’s a basic hostel but it has a great owner and a lovely rooftop. This is a quiet hostel so it might not be the best place if you’re looking to meet other travelers but it’s a nice option if you want a clean and peaceful place to sleep — plus all their rooms have A/C. Hostel San Remo is also very affordable so it’s ideal for budget travelers.

  • Price: Starts around €13/night for shared and €22/night for private rooms (via Hostelworld)
  • Read More Reviews at Hostelworld

Pella-Inn Hostel Athens

Pella-Inn Hostel | Best Hostel Athens Greece

Pella-Inn Hostel is located in the absolute heart of Athens’ old town and it’s walking distance from the Acropolis and other famous sights. The hostel has a great rooftop bar so it’s a great place for meeting other travelers while enjoying awesome Acropolis views (especially at night). The neighborhood is also lively so you’re only steps away from bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

The friendly staff does a great job keeping the hostel clean and they’re always happy to help. Overall, the facilities in Pella-Inn are fairly standard and the rooms are good sized. I wish there was a kitchen but that’s a small complaint. Luckily, the room rates are lower than average so this place is a good value for the money.

  • Price: Starts around €15/night for shared and €69/night for private rooms (via Hostelworld)
  • See Location on Google Maps
  • Read More Reviews at Hostelworld

Athens Choice Hostel

Athens Choice Hostel | Hostels in Athens

Athens Choice Hostel only has private hostel rooms so it doesn’t have a very social vibe — it feels more like a typical budget hotel. But it is clean, quiet, comfortable, and affordable. They do have an on-site bar so that helps somewhat with the atmosphere. Past guests mentioned that the location is a little sketchy outside but it still seemed safe overall — and is a short walk to the nearest metro station. 

More Great Hostels in Athens

Athens Hostel

Since publishing this list there have been a few excellent hostels that have come to my attention so I wanted to share them here:

  • Selina Athens Theatrou: Modern design hostel with excellent beds and nice facilities. Surprisingly affordable dorm beds as well. Great rooftop as well.
  • Cosmopolit Hotel: A fully renovated budget hotel with a few super cheap dorm beds.
  • Mosaikon: Another modern and boutique-style hostel with great facilities. They also have a nice rooftop.
  • Pagration Youth Hostel: A true backpackers hostel. It’s cozy, clean, very social, and in a nice non-touristy area but close enough to the hotspots.
  • Athens Quinta: A super fun architectural jewel in the center of Athens, the Athens Quinta is beautifully designed and decorated with vintage-style furniture. It’s a small hostel with a very chill vibe but still manages to be social (but not a party).

Photo Credits: Athens Backpackers, Athens Studios Hostel, Nubian Hostel Athens, Athens Hawks, Bedbox Hostel, Athens Hub Hostel, City Circus, safestay athens hostel, San Remo Hostel, Pella-Inn Hostel, Athens Choice Hostel

Hostel Packing List and Tips

Staying in hostels poses a few unique packing challenges so I’m here to help by recommending a few of my must-have items. Check out my Hostel Packing List for the full list but below are the absolute necessities:


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