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Barcelona Pass Review — Is The Barcelona Pass Worth The Money?

An honest evaluation of the Barcelona Pass to determine if the pass is a good value.

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Barcelona is one of our favorite cities because it’s filled with so many amazing things to experience. And that’s why you’re curious about the Barcelona Pass and if it’s worth the money. Well, after crunching the numbers, we’ve found that it’s a bit complicated…  so keep reading our Barcelona Pass review to see if this newly-released pass fits your travel style.

UPDATE (March 22, 2020): The Barcelona Pass has been rebranded as the GoCity: Barcelona Pass. The new pass makes some big changes so read our new Barcelona Go City Pass Review to learn more.

Quick Overview

The Barcelona Pass currently covers more than 20 sights and attractions — however, it doesn’t include the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (which are two must-see attractions). The pass comes in two variations — a two-day pass and a three-day pass. It also includes a simple guidebook and map.

This sightseeing pass can be a great deal if you’re really into things like bus tours, bike tours, and walking tours but if you’re not into those things then you might be better off buying tickets separately.

Let’s take a deeper dive…

Barcelona Pass Price

The Barcelona Pass comes in a two-day and three-day variation. You can also buy it with an unlimited travel card (more info below).

Barcelona Pass Price Without Transport Card (Adult/Child)

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass — €125/€85
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass — €150/€100

Barcelona Pass With The Unlimited Transport Card (Adult/Child)

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €140/€100
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass €172/€122

NOTE ABOUT TRAVEL CARD: A full-fare subway/bus ticket costs €2.20 so you’d need to ride public transportation at least four times a day for the unlimited travel card option to be worth it.

We’re big walkers so we only used the metro twice a day max but you may find yourself using it more — especially if you’re staying outside the city center. That said, the unlimited pass that comes with the Barcelona Pass costs the same as a regular unlimited pass so you might as well get it when you buy your pass.

Barcelona Pass Breakdown

Alright, let’s take a look at what’s included in the Barcelona Pass.

But first, we want to point out that the pass doesn’t include entry to three of the Barcelona’s most popular sights — Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the Picasso Museum.

  • Barcelona Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus – €29.00
    • Get an overview of Barcelona on this one-day hop-on-hop-off bus tour. It has three routes and it drives by all the most popular sights and neighborhoods.
  • Barcelona FC Tour (Camp Nou) – €25.00
    • Camp Nou (Barcelona FC soccer stadium) is the largest football stadium in Europe. It’s a fun experience for Barcelona FC fans or just soccer fans in general.
  • La Pedrera (Casa Mila) – €22
    • This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Gaudí’s many architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. The building is famous for its unique shape and façade and its a symbol of the Catalan Art Nouveau period.
  • Casa Batlló – €24.50
    • Casa Batlló is hailed as Antoni Gaudí’s crowning architectural work and a great representation Gaudí’s influence on modernism.
  • Barcelona Oceanarium – €20
    • Europe’s only Oceanarium has over 11,000 animals and cool underwater tunnel.
  • Barcelona Zoo – €21.40
    • A zoo in the middle of Barcelona. We’re not the biggest fans of zoos but it’s a nice option for travelers with children.
  • Barcelona Bike Tour – €28
    • Take a nice bike tour through the town. Barcelona has multiple dedicated bike lanes so biking through the city is actually pretty simple.
  • Barcelona Walking Tour – €18
    • You can choose between two different 3-hour tours — Old Town Tour or the Gaudi Tour. They’ll open up the Old Town and Gothic Quarter
  • Other Attractions

Calculating The Value of The Barcelona Pass

Find Per Day Price

The first step in determining the value of the Barcelona pass is to find the per day cost of the pass. From there we’ll be able to see how much you’ll have to spend each day on activities to make the pass worth the money.

  • 2-Day Adult Barcelona Pass — €62.50/day (€125 total)
  • 3-Day Adult Barcelona Pass — €50/day (€150 total)

Formulate A Basic Itinerary

Next, take a look at what the attractions you actually want to do. We like to create a basic daily itinerary — make sure you don’t try to fill your day with an impossible amount of activities. It’s also important to budget time for the activities not covered by the pass (i.e. Sagrada Familia, wandering the city, food markets, etc.)

Two-Day Pass: Crunching The Numbers at €62.50/day

Almost every major activity on the pass costs between €20-€29 so you really only have to do two or things to start saving money. That said, you really need to do the bus tour or one of the other €25+ activities (stadium tour, bike tour, etc.) to make the pass worth it. 

Example Itinerary:

  • DAY ONE: Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus (€29) and La Pedrera/Casa Mila (€22), & Casa Batlló (€24.50) would add up to €75.50. These three things could easily be done in a day.
  • DAY TWO: Barcelona Walking Tour (€18) and Barcelona FC Stadium Tour (€25.00) would add up to €43. If you did the bike tour (€28) it would add up to €53.

TOTAL (€118-€128): If you were to do all these things listed above then you’d spend a total of €120-€130 (the pass costs €125). That said, if you didn’t want to do one of these big-ticket items like the bus tour, walking tour, stadium tour, aquarium, etc. then this pass really isn’t a good value.

Three-Day Pass Crunching The Numbers at €50/day

Almost every major activity on the pass costs between €20-€29 so you really only have to do about two of these each day to start saving money. Alternatively, you could also do about three less-expensive activities on one of the days.

That said, we think many travelers might have a hard time filling three days worth of activities — especially if you’re not interested in the stadium tour or a few of the other expensive tours. So, unless many of these activities are on your “must-see” list, then you’ll probably want to skip the three-day pass.

Also, if you’re only in Barcelona for a couple of days then you’ll want enough time to see the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, Picasso Museum, Mercat de la Boqueria (Farmers Market), and probably spend some time at the beach.

So Is The Barcelona Pass Worth It?  

We’re on the fence when it comes to the Barcelona Pass.

It certainly can save you a good amount of money and it’s a great deal if you want to do a lot of the tours covered in the pass in addition to the must-see La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

But many travelers would be better off skipping the Barcelona Pass — especially since Sagrada Familia and Park Guell aren’t included.

Either way, we suggest poking around the Barcelona Pass website to look for yourselves because you might find the pass works well for your travel style. 

Where To Buy The Barcelona Pass

You can buy the Barcelona Pass here from the Official Barcelona Pass Website and pick it up in Barcelona for free or have it mailed to you for €9.95.

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