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The daily costs to visit Krakow. How to estimate your budget for food, hostels, hotels, attractions, alcohol, and more.

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Krakow is one of the best hidden gems in Europe (although it is starting to become much more well known). It’s basically a cheaper and less fancy version of Prague. Krakow’s cheap alcohol, accommodation, and food have made it a popular destination for budget travelers.

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Note: Poland’s currency is the Zloty, but I’ve listed most prices in US dollars. The actual prices will vary based on the current exchange rate.

Average Daily Cost For Visiting Krakow

These prices are based on what you’ll need to visit the city comfortably — they don’t include things like big nights out at the bar/pub, club entry fees, souvenir/clothing shopping, tours, random purchases, nicer food, etc. Don’t forget to budget extra for those “non-essentials.”

Daily Cost of Budget Travel in Krakow: $32

  • Attractions: $4 (one paid attraction + any free sights)
  • Food: $14
    • Breakfast: $2.50
    • Lunch: $3.50
    • Dinner: $6
    • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): $1.50
  • Transportation: $1
  • Accommodation (hostel): $13

Daily Cost of Frugal Travel in Krakow: $21

  • Attractions: $3 (free walking tour + visit one of the free sights)
  • Food: $9
    • Breakfast: $0 (free hostel breakfast)
    • Lunch: $3 (traditional Polish food, ethnic street food, takeaway shop fare, or similar)
    • Dinner: $5 (make your own meal in the hostel or grab something cheap)
    • Pastry: $.75
  • Transportation: $0
  • Accommodation (cheap hostel bed): $9

Krakow Attraction and Museum Prices

Almost all attractions in Krakow are affordable, so it won’t hurt your budget to see a few different things. Be sure to check out Plac Nowy, which is brimming with flea markets and antique bazaars. The most expensive attraction for most people is the Auschwitz tour (it’s worth the money).

  • St. Mary’s Basilica: $3
  • Wawel Cathedral: $3.50
  • Wawel Royal Castle: each exhibit has a separate ticket ranging from $1-$7
  • Galicia Jewish Museum: $4
  • Museum at Market Square: $5
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine: half-day trip from Krakow, $35 for a bus tour
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau: day trip from Krakow, around $30 for a bus tour
  • Salt Mine & Auschwitz combo bus tour: $65
  • Walking tour: Free (but you should tip the guides) or $16 (for paid tours)
  • Bike tour: $24

Krakow Food Prices

Traditional Polish food is hearty and cheap. You can even find non-Polish food at reasonable affordable prices. Also note that the biggest meal of the day is usually around 3pm and dinner is normally fairly light. Like any city, try to avoid the tourist traps if you want the best prices and quality.

Budget Breakfast: Free – $5

  • Many hostels will offer a free simple breakfast that normally consists of cereal, bread/croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, tea, or juice (some hostels will offer more and some less).
  • Coffee & pastry: $3-$5
  • Yogurt with fruit or muesli: $2.50
  • Cottage cheese (savory): $3.50
  • Traditional obwarzanek (similar to a bagel or pretzel): $.50

Budget Lunch: $2-$4

  • Super budget travelers can make a super cheap lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit from any grocery store for a few dollars.
  • Pierogi: $2.50-$3.50 (for a plateful)
  • Meal at a “milk bar” cafeteria: $1.75-$4.30
  • Sandwich: $3
  • Cheap takeaway meals (like a kebab with fries): $3.

Budget Dinner: $3-$10

  • You should be able to find dinner at a restaurant in a less touristy part of town for around $5-15.
  • An above average three-course meal with wine at a restaurant will cost around $18.
  • For $25-$30, you can have an excellent three-course meal at a fancy restaurant.
  • Many of the options from the Budget Lunch section above also apply for dinner.

Drinks and Alcohol

  • Pint of standard beer out: $2
  • Pint of beer from a grocery store: $.80
  • Bottle of (drinkable) wine from grocery store: $5
  • Cocktail at a club: $5
  • 750ml bottle of vodka from a bar: $25
  • Espresso: $1.75

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Krakow Transportation Prices

Although there’s no subway, Krakow does have buses and trams (but the old city is very walkable). These prices are for Zone 1, which will have just about everything you need. If you want to get to/from the airport by bus, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for Zone 2 (just slightly more expensive).

Tickets for bus and tram:

  • One journey: $1
  • Two journeys (for one person): $1.90

Short-term Tickets:

  • 20 minutes: $0.75
  • 40 minutes: $1
  • 60 minutes: $1.35
  • 90 minutes: $1.60

Day passes:

  • 1-day: $4
  • 2-day: $6.40
  • 3-day: $9.65
  • 7-day: $12.85

Bus from airport to city: $1.07 (one-way bus ticket for Zone 2)

Taxi from airport to city (Krakow Airport Taxi): $24

Krakow Hostel/Hotel Accommodation Prices

Krakow is a city filled with multiple amazing hostels — and they’re cheap. For whatever reason, the hostels in Krakow are some of the nicest I’ve seen in Europe. The hotels and rental apartments are also very affordable.

Hostels: $9-$19 (bed in a shared dorm room)

You should budget about $14/night per person for a decent hostel — although many hostels raise their prices on the weekend. Remember, these prices are for bed in a shared dorm room. If you want a private room, expect to pay $20-$24.

We book our hostels through Hostel World.

Budget Hotels: $30-$90

At the low end, you shouldn’t expect much, but once you get around $55/night, the hotels get a bit better (think Super 8 or Motel 6). A room with a private bathroom and a twin bed will be around $30-$70, and a double bed (or two twin beds) will be $50-$90.

Rental Apartment: $40-$100+

From my experience, rental apartments (via Airbnb) tend to be much bigger and much nicer than similarly priced hotel rooms. Plus, you’ll get a kitchen so you can save more money by cooking your own meals — click here to get $30 off your first stay.

Furthermore, if you’re traveling in a group, it can often be cheaper per person to rent a single apartment.

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