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Scott’s Cheap Flights Review — How To Find Super Cheap Internationl Flights

Let’s face it… finding cheap airline tickets isn’t easy. That’s why I was extremely interested when I heard about Scott’s Cheap Flights on Reddit. Basically, Scott’s Cheap Flights is a service that seeks out super cheap flights/mistake fares and emails them to you. And when I head the average savings is around $600/flight I had to ... Read More

Munich Travel Guide — How to Visit Munich on a Budget

Ernest Hemingway said, “You do not even go somewhere else, I tell you there’s nothing like Munich. Everything else is a waste of time in Germany.” Ok, there are plenty of other amazing places in Germany, but Munich is one of Europe’s must-visit cities. It’s a city of warm people, beautiful architecture, culture, museums, hardy food, ... Read More

Venice Travel Guide — How to Visit Venice on a Budget

Venice is unlike any other city in the world and it may just be the most romantic city in the world. It’s also one of the world’s great engineering feats as the whole city is built on more than 100 islands in a marshy lagoon. Visitors flock here to get lost in Venice’s maze of ... Read More

Madrid Travel Guide — How To Visit Madrid On A Budget

Madrid. What a city. Spain’s capital and its biggest city, Madrid is a top destination for most visitors. And for good reason — it’s a lively city that’s not only affordable by Western European standards, but it also boasts outstanding culture, architecture, art, and excellent nightlife. But it’s also a fairly modern city so you’ll discover that much ... Read More

Budapest Travel Guide — How to Visit Budapest on a Budget

They call Budapest the Paris of the East and we certainly think it lives up to its reputation. It has elegant boulevards. It has beautiful architecture. But it has much more grit and edge thanks to its years under communist rule. Walking its streets you can quickly tell that Budapest is a dynamic and living city.

Prague Travel Guide — How To Visit Prague On A Budget

Ask anyone who has visited Prague and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world — you’ll love meandering through the narrow, winding streets of this capital of Bohemia. Basically, it’s like you’ve stepped inside a fairytale world. It’s steeped in history, the beer is amazing, the architecture is world class, ... Read More

Dublin Travel Guide — How To Visit Dublin On A Budget

Thanks to its vibrancy, nightlife, large student population, lovable accents, and tourist attractions it’s no secret why Dublin is a top destination for travelers. This city always seems to be a good mood. The city is fairly small so it’s a very manageable city to explore by foot. However, Dublin is fairly expensive (especially food and alcohol) ... Read More

Why You Should Travel When You’re Young and Broke

Don’t wait for the money to come before you travel. Get out there while you’re young. Because when you’re young you can scrape by on next to nothing. You’re at the time of your life where you can bounce back with ease. You can sleep in noisy hostel dorm rooms full of rowdy drunk people ... Read More

A Note To All Travelers: You’re Not Important

Here’s a little secret people won’t tell you… You’re not special. You’re not important. And that’s an amazing thing. Why? Because it gives you freedom to make mistakes and commit faux pas and accidentally annoy the locals. But guess what… anyone you temporally inconvenience will forget you exist exactly 2.7 seconds after your paths cross. Remember this. ... Read More

CabinZero Backpack Review

I’m always on the hunt for new travel backpacks… and I know you all are too because I receive multiple emails each week asking my opinion on the best bags. That’s why I’m going to start testing as many travel backpacks as possible. Today we have the CabinZero Backpack. A few weeks ago the good ... Read More