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Dubrovnik’s old town is one of the most beautiful walled cities in the world, so it has deservedly earned its nickname as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” It is also Croatia’s most popular destination, so it isn’t as affordable as you’d hope. Despite the costs, you can still visit the city without spending a fortune if you try. However, George Bernard Shaw once said that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it” — so maybe it is worth splurging a bit.

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Average Daily Costs for Visiting Dubrovnik

Below is our breakdown of how much you can expect to spend on an average day for the budget-conscious traveler. These prices are based on what you’ll need to visit the city comfortably — they don’t include things like big nights out at the bar/pub, club entry fees, souvenir/clothing shopping, tours, random purchases, nicer food, etc. Don’t forget to budget extra for those “non-essentials.”

Cost of Budget Travel in Dubrovnik: 410 hrk (Approx. $63)/Day

  • Attractions: 80hrk (one paid attraction + any free sights)
  • Food: 210hrk
    • Breakfast: 20hrk
    • Lunch: 60hrk
    • Dinner: 110hrk
    • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): 20hrk
  • Transportation: 0
  • Accommodation (Hostel): 200hrk

Cost of Frugal Travel in Dubrovnik: 290 hrk (Approx. $43)/Day

  • Attractions: 50hrk (free walking tour + visit one of the free sights)
  • Food: 100hrk
    • Breakfast: €0 (free hostel breakfast)
    • Lunch: 30hrk (street food or takeaway shop fare)
    • Dinner: 60hrk (make your own meal in the hostel or grab something cheap)
    • Beer: 8hrk (chill out at the beach and have a cold one)
  • Transportation: 0 (walk)
  • Accommodation (Cheap Hostel): 140hrk

Dubrovnik Attraction and Museum Prices

Luckily, attractions in Dubrovnik are fairly affordable, and you can always spend the day on its beautiful beaches or wandering the ancient streets.

  • Dubrovnik Ramparts: 100hrk
  • Cable Car: 60hrk one-way/108hrk round-trip
  • War Photo Limited (musem): 40hrk
  • Rector’s Palace: 100hrk
  • Franciscan Monastery & Museum: 30hrk
  • Mount Srdj Ropeway: 74hrk one-way
  • Walking & Tours: Free-400hrk

Dubrovnik’s geography lends itself to water tours: companies offer kayak and boat tours from the coast, which provide a unique perspective on the city. Sea kayaking along the Dalmatian Coast will run 400hrk for a half-day tour.

Dubrovnik Food Prices

Dubrovnik’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Italy, with seafood and pasta being culinary staples. Black rice, risotto, and pasta are common – colored by squid or cuddlefish ink – and often accompany fish. Mussels, ham, and cod round out many meals. The old town, while offering an ideal location to enjoy a meal, is an expensive place to eat, so you’ll have to venture outside old town for more affordable meal options.

Budget Breakfast: Free – 40hrk

  • Many hostels will offer a free simple breakfast of that normally consists of cereal, bread/croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, tea, or juice (some hostels will offer more and some less). Hotel breakfasts tend to be overpriced, so skip those in most cases.
  • Coffee and a pastry will run 15hrk-30hrk

Budget Lunch: 30-60hrk

  • Super budget travelers can make a super cheap lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit from any grocery store for a few euros.
  • Vegetarian and Indian restaurants offer a full meal for 30hrk-40hrk. Especially recommended is Nishta, a small vegetarian restaurant.
  • Pizza will run 40hrk-60hrk.
  • Kebab or a burger from a take-away stand will run 30hrk-45hrk. (Kebab Bar Cezar and Tutto Bene are local favorites).
  • Consider the farmer’s market on Gundelic Square to pick up cheap, fresh ingredients for lunch.

Budget Dinner: 60-150hrk

  • Pretty much all the options from the ‘Budget Lunch’ section above will also apply for dinner.
  • Sporki makaruli, or dirty maracroni, is a Croatian traditional meal: pasta with diced beef (or veal), onion, goat cheese, and red wine. Expect a dish at a restaurant to cost 70hrk-100hrk
  • Zelena menestra (green stew) is a ham and bacon stew served with cabbage, kale, and potatoes.
  • Brodetta (fish stew) is another traditional dish. (Look for Dundo Maroje, a restaurant in old town that specializes in traditional Croatian food).

Travel tip: Read more of our strategies for Eating and Drinking in Europe on a Budget.

Drinks and Alcohol

  • Expect to pay 18hrk-20hrk for a beer out.
  • At a grocery, beer runs 7hrk-8hrk, and a bottle of wine about 35kn.

Dubrovnik Transportation Prices

Dubrovnik’s public transit system is serviced by buses that run city and suburban routes. One of the great things about Dubrovnik is walking through the gorgeous streets, so you may rarely travel via public transport. However, if you’re staying outside of the old town, the bus service is frequent and reliable.

24-hour card: 30hrk

Airport transit from city center via bus: 28hrk one-way on lines 11, 27, 38

Dubrovnik Hostel/Hotel Accommodation Prices

Dubrovnik’s old town is compact, so accommodation options are limited — especially in the summer. You may have to stay outside the old town to find more options — but public transportation into the old town is good, so it’s not a big issue. However, there are a good number of apartment rentals, so you should check out that option.

Hostels: 140hrk-300hrk (bed in a shared dorm room)

You should budget about 200 hrk/night per person for a decent hostel — although many hostels raise their prices on the weekend. Remember, these prices are for a bed in a shared dorm room. If you want a private room expect to pay 660hrk-950hrk total (for two people).

We book our hostels through Hostel World.

Budget Hotels: 400hrk-800hrk

A decent budget hotel that is in the city center will cost around 500hrk/night. You can find cheaper hotels if you want to stay farther away from the center of the city or if you don’t mind staying in a junky place. 

Rental Apartment (Airbnb): 350hrk-770hrk/night

From my experience, rental apartments (via Airbnb) tend to be much bigger and much nicer than similarly priced hotel rooms. Plus, you’ll get a kitchen so you can save more money by cooking your own meals — click here to get $30 off your first stay.

There are quite a few nice Airbnb options — you should be able to find a highly rated studio or 1-bedroom for around 550hrk/night, but I’ve seen a number that are cheaper. If you want to rent a room in someone’s place, expect to pay around 200hrk-440hrk/night.

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  • Kayla Kozina

    Hi! I’m planning a few days of my trip to stay in Dubrovnik. I’ve been there twice before, and I can say just about all your costings are correct except the biggest one.. accommodation! I am going in high season though, so maybe you are pricing for a different time of year, or average, but I’m going in early August (end of my trip) and the cheapest hostel available in/right beside the old town is $65CAD/night. Thats the cheapest… average cost is actually $95-$120CAD. Then, airbnbs and hotels are much more than that.

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