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How to get from Beauvais airport (BVA) to Paris

Beauvais Airport (BVA) to Paris Transportation Options

If you’re flying into Paris on a budget airline (Ryanair, Wizzair, etc.) there is a good chance you’ll arrive at Beauvais Tille Airport (BVA).

It’s actually 50 miles outside of Paris so it is a bit of a trek getting into Paris. There are a handful of ways to get into the city but the best is the Airport Bus.

map-beauvais-busAirport Bus

There is a dedicated bus that takes people from the Beauvais Airport to Porte Maillot in Paris (where you can then easily take the Metro into the city). The bus leaves about 20 minutes after each flight arrives so you won’t have to wait around very long. Follow the signs to the ticket office once you arrive — it’s easy to find.

Conversely, if you’re going from Paris to BVA there are buses that leave around 3 hours before each flight departs. You buy tickets at the ticket booth by the bus parking lot — or from the driver.

The ride takes around 1h15 and costs €17 or €15.90 if you buy it online.

You can buy your tickets here.


You can get a taxi directly from the airport but it’s expensive. Expect to pay €120-€180 and you probably won’t get there any quicker than the bus.


There is a train that runs from the Gare du Nord train station in Paris to the train station in Beauvais but then you have to take a taxi from Beauvais to the airport. It’s not worth the hassle unless there is some crazy traffic jam that would prevent the bus from being an option.


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