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We want to thank everyone for reading our site. It’s humbling that so many of you come to The Savvy Backpacker for travel advice.

It’s actually been a big year for us — we redesigned the website and we upgraded our web hosting. It is super exciting but it’s also super expensive. Over the past 12 months we’ve spent thousands of dollars on these upgrades. Yikes.

We need your help to keep The Savvy Backpacker running.

But it’s super easy!

First, you can donate if you’d like! Just follow this link:


You can also support our site by clicking out affiliate links found throughout the site (like are found in this article: Backpacking Packing List) and purchasing something from that site. This will give us a small commission of your purchase and this helps us keep the lights on — plus it doesn’t cost you anything!

Of course, you can check out our packing lists if you’re looking for gift ideas!

Thank you all so much for your support!

James, Susan, and Henry

Just kidding! Henry Just Needs Beer Money!
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