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Backpacking Europe Packing List

A comprehensive packing list and advice for budget backpacking and ultralight travel in Europe — including electronics, clothing, toiletries & accessories.

Best Travel Backpack For Europe

Finding the best travel backpack for Europe can be confusing because there are so many options. While most people use standard hiking backpacks to travel, there are also other non-traditional bags. In this guide, we’ve picked our favorite panel-loading bags, top-loading bags, and non-traditional bags. Before you choose a bag, make sure you know the benefits ... Read More

Rail Pass Guide For Train Travel in Europe

Every European adventure is different. Some people travel for 12 days and some travel for over 12 months. There are rail passes to meet most people’s needs. But with so many options, choosing the perfect rail pass for Europe can often become overwhelming. My best advice is to read about each pass and then start ... Read More

Ryanair Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Flying Europe’s Most Infamous Airline

If you’re a budget backpacker, you’ll probably hear about Ryanair sooner or later. Ryanair has become one of the most successful and notorious airlines in Europe. They’re known for no-frills service with rock-bottom prices, but they’re also known for excessive fees and questionable customer service. However, if you know how to play the game, Ryanair can be a great way to ... Read More

Guide To Hostels in Europe: Bunk Beds, Beer, and Breakfast

Hostels are possibly the best type of accommodation for backpacking in Europe. They’re inexpensive, they’re located in every European city, and they’re full of other young travelers. Competition between hostels has grown over the past 5-10 years, so the quality has risen considerably. Unfortunately, hostels are pretty uncommon in the US, so many Americans are totally clueless about them ... Read More

How To Choose A Backpack For Traveling in Europe

If you want to backpack through Europe you probably need a backpack — shocking, I know. Choosing the right backpack can be confusing and time intensive. But you should take your time when choosing your pack. A proper backpack allows you to travel swiftly and easily, but a poor-fitting pack is like an anchor. You ... Read More

Using Electronics in Europe: The Backpacker’s Guide to Travel Gadgets

There is no doubt that electronics play a huge part in our lives, so it is no surprise that electronics have become an essential part of travel. Between iPods, iPads, digital cameras, laptops, cellphones, and video cameras the choice of what electronics to bring on your backpacking trip can get overwhelming. This guide will not ... Read More

Homemade Moleskine Travel Guide: Low Tech—Highly Helpful

I think I got lost in every new city I visited. The second I stepped off the train… lost.  I thought I was being pretty clever because I would write down directions from the train station to the hostel. But I only had written directions — “exit the train station and go right. Turn left ... Read More