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Finland Travel Guide

Finland is a country in northern Europe and it is known for its over 188,000 lakes and multiple islands. It’s extreme northern location produces extremely long days in the summer and very little sunlight in the winter.


Finland has a cold climate and it has cold, dark winters and mild summers. Expect below zero temperatures during the winter and 70s in the summer months. October-December is normally rainy and really dreary so it’s not a great time to visit.

Major Cities

  • Helsinki — The capital of Finland’s and easily the largest city.
  • Jyväskylä — University town in Central Finland
  • Kuopio — Another university town in central Finland.
  • Oulu — A city know for its technology.
  • Rovaniemi — The “gateway to Lapland.”
  • Savonlinna — A small lakeside town with a big castle.
  • Tampere — Industrial city that is home to the Lenin Museum and Spy Museum.
  • Turku —  Known for the medieval castle and cathedral.
  • Vaasa — A town located near Kvarken Archipelago, a UNESCO world natural site.


Finland is a large country and transportation is generally fairly expensive.

Air Travel

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (near Helsinki) is Finland’s main international airport and it serves many major and budget airlines . Tampere (central Finland) and Lappeenranta (near the Russian border) are also served by Ryanair. There are a few other airports that cater to budget airlines, like Wizz Air.

Train Travel

Finland has an extensive rail network and the trains tend to be modern and comfortable. Although, like most of northern Europe, trains tend to be expensive. Expect delays after major snowfall.

Bus Travel

There are bus routes to most cities in Finland but bus travel is generally more expensive (and slower) than train travel… but this isn’t always true. Routes that compete directly with trains are often a little cheaper. You can also buy a 7 or 14 day bus pass if you plan on traveling a lot.

Car Travel

Renting a car is expensive and winter driving can be very dangerous.

Money Matters

Finland has been voted the most expensive country so it isn’t a great place for travelers on a tight budget.


Alcohol is expensive so a night out will cost quite a bit. Alcohol is more affordable in stores but be aware that stores stop serving alcohol at 9pm. You’ll find a few Finnish beer brands and plenty of imported options. Wine and vodka are also  available is most shops.

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