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Hello. My name is James and I live in Paris, France.

I was born and raised in the Midwest. I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in Madison, WI for a year. Then in the summer of 2011 my wife got an internship in Paris so we packed our bags and moved to a tiny 7th floor studio in the City of Light.

I studied abroad in England at the University of Leeds in 2007, and I’ve visited multiple countries throughout Western and Eastern Europe. In the summer of 2010 I studied French at Middlebury College through their intensive summer language course. My French is still terrible, sadly.

I currently work in the tourism and hospitality industry but before Paris I worked at a small advertising agency as a copywriter. Before that I was in the U.S. AmeriCorps (the domestic version of the Peace Corps) where I worked for an organization that helped provide food to underprivileged people in Missouri and Kansas.

I am a photography nerd and I love travel (obviously). I live with my wife and our fluffy dog, Henry. We hope to continue our travels in the future.

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Favorite TV Shows: The Office (BBC)ExtrasTop Gear (BBC)Modern MarvelsBreaking Bad, Good EatsThe SimpsonsModern Family

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