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How To Choose A Backpack For Traveling in Europe

If you want to backpack through Europe you probably need a backpack — shocking, I know. Choosing the right backpack can be confusing and time intensive. But you should take your time when choosing your pack. A proper backpack allows you to travel swiftly and easily, but a poor-fitting pack is like an anchor. You ... Read More

How To Pack Your Backpack For Europe: Tips For Organization and Wrinkle Free Clothing

Knowing how to pack your backpack correctly while traveling in Europe is a very important skill that many travelers overlook. After a hostel or two you start to see that living out of a backpack can be frustrating at times—especially when it comes to packing/unpacking. Fortunately, there are methods to make it as painless as ... Read More

Guide to Ultralight Backpacking and Travel in Europe

I talk a lot about traveling light but there are many people that take backpacking light to the next level. I call this travel “ultralight backpacking.” Basically, the goal of ultralight travel is to cut as much weight as possible. Some people go to extremes (like drilling holes in their toothbrush to save fractions of ... Read More

Traveling Europe With Friends: Tips For Homicide Free Adventures

Backpacking in Europe with your friends can create amazing life-long memories—or it can be a complete disaster. Travel is often stressful, especially when you’re in a foreign environment, and we tend to take out our frustration on the people we’re traveling with. There are numerous stories about best friends ceasing to talk to each other for months after ... Read More

Important Planning Activities That Are Easy To Overlook

Planning budget travel to Europe takes a lot of time and it is really easy to miss some really basic things in the process. This simple list should help ensure a successful trip. Apply For Passport: All US Citizens MUST have a passport to travel to any international destination. It takes about 4-6 weeks for ... Read More

Choosing When To Travel: High, Low and Shoulder Season In Europe

There are three main travel seasons in Europe — High, Low and Shoulder. Each season has advantages and disadvantages, and whatever you choose will have a large impact on how you experience Europe. This guide will help you decide which season best suites your travel style.

Using Electronics in Europe: The Backpacker’s Guide to Travel Gadgets

There is no doubt that electronics play a huge part in our lives, so it is no surprise that electronics have become an essential part of travel. Between iPods, iPads, digital cameras, laptops, cellphones, and video cameras the choice of what electronics to bring on your backpacking trip can get overwhelming. This guide will not ... Read More

Homemade Moleskine Travel Guide: Low Tech—Highly Helpful

I think I got lost in every new city I visited. The second I stepped off the train… lost.  I thought I was being pretty clever because I would write down directions from the train station to the hostel. But I only had written directions — “exit the train station and go right. Turn left ... Read More

Guide To Dressing For Winter in Europe: Learn to Layer for Maximum Versatility

Dressing for winter in Europe can be a little tough — especially since you don’t have a lot of space for clothing. Layering your clothing is the best way to stay warm when traveling in Europe during the winter. Large bulky winter coats and huge sweaters are a hassle when backpacking because they take up ... Read More

Long Distance Coach Travel In Europe: Get On And Shut Up

When one thinks of the ways to travel Europe, by bus is rarely on the top of the list. Yet, it is a popular choice to many budget travelers. It can be one of the cheapest ways to travel though Europe, but it often lacks in comfort, speed, convenience, and the schedules can often be ... Read More